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SEO Omaha: Local-Mobile Searches Lead to Purchases

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    SEO Omaha Local-Mobile Search_Big Red SEOIf you need convincing that Google My Business and mobile device searches are necessary parts of your search engine optimization strategy, a recent study by comScore may just be the evidence you need. According to the survey of 5000 respondents, a large majority of both mobile phone and tablet owners use their devices to search for local businesses (79 percent for phones and 81 percent for tablets). The eye-opening statistics don’t stop there, though, as a whopping 78 percent of those local-mobile searches converted into purchases, three-quarters of those purchases occurring on the same day and a most within hours of the search.

    It’s clear that more people are using mobile devices to search for local businesses now than ever before, and what’s more, they’re motivated to act on those searches when they find what they’re looking for. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your SEO Omaha strategy encompasses both local search and mobile optimization.

    Many Mobile Users Search by Product or Service

    According to the study, the top reason most people used mobile search was to find a specific business. In other words, the searcher was looking for a particular business’s address or phone number. The second reason, though, was that the searcher was looking for any company that provided the product or service they were looking for. So while many searchers know the business they’re looking to buy from, a comparable number of people search without a particular business in mind, and that’s where a well-developed SEO Omaha strategy can help your business.

    Sign Up with Google My Business

    Signing up with Google My Business is the best way to make sure that people searching for your services end up with correct information regarding your business. No matter what mobile device a searcher is using, Google delivers relevant and contextual information to help searchers contact you easily. For instance, if a searcher looks for a business with your services on their smartphone, they’ll be able to click your phone number to call immediately, or they can tap your address to pull up driving directions to your location with Google Maps.

    Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

    To get the kind of mobile traffic and conversions you want, it’s not enough just to be easily found. You also have to optimize your business website for mobile experience, so when mobile searchers find you, they end up liking what they see.

    Here’s the deal—people who use mobile devices have come to expect great user experience from companies, and that means that the desktop version of your website just isn’t going to cut it. Your website’s mobile interface should be streamlined and easy to read on a small screen, offering clear calls-to-action from the home page and eliminating any unnecessary roadblocks that can keep visitors from going through your sales funnel.

    Contact Big Red SEO in Omaha at (402) 522-6468!

    It’s obvious to see that mobile and local search go together. They create the perfect environment to encourage conversions by appealing to users’ demand for immediate information, and when your business website takes advantage of this environment, high conversion rates can follow.

    Putting your information in front of visitors in ways that make it easy to contact you is just one of the ways that our team at Big Red SEO can help your business’s online presence. If you’re looking for an SEO Omaha team that’s invested in your success, give our search engine optimization experts a call today at (402) 522-6468!

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