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SEO 101: The Key Analytic Indicators for Google Rankings

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    SEO Omaha_Big Red SEOFirst, a question; How do YOU measure success? Is success simply ranking higher organically, regardless of how you got there? How important are indicators like length of time on your site, pages viewed, conversions, entrance and exit pages, link popularity or which keywords led visitors to your site? Each of these lay the groundwork from which marketing strategies can be formulated, but success cannot be measured by analytics alone. They need to be measured against how you define success.

    To answer whether or not your site is under-performing, which benchmarks (short-term and long-term) are you measuring your site against? Is your goal to brand a product or service or is it strictly informational? If your goal is to monetize your site for maximum conversions, you need to manage against specific benchmarks, but which ones? Analytics are indicators – benchmarks to measure against, but other dynamics need to be factored in. You can’t manage what you can’t measure and you can’t monetize it, either.

    Is SEO as Simple as Evaluating Analytics?

    Even knowing which statistical benchmarks to focus on only gives us a piece, so to speak, of the bigger picture. What are the underlying sources of those performance indicators? The possibilities are quite varied. Marketing strategies like direct mail, email broadcasts, running AdWords campaigns, print media ads, guest posting, blog commenting and so on, when professionally analyzed and tied together by our SEO Omaha Consultants, helps to define opportunities and formulate solutions. Aligning data helps define the scope of future marketing campaigns. Indicators like knowing how a visitor arrived at your website, when they arrived and what they did on your website is invaluable.

    Color Psychology Ties Into Specific Demographics or Regions?

    What is your target audience? What works for hair salons doesn’t necessarily work for dentists or for auto body shops. If you’re marketing to a global demographic, colors are perceived quite differently across national boundaries, and even within regional markets. While purple works well for interior design, green does NOT work well for packaging solutions in France. It’s vitally important to understand your target audience. As SEO Omaha Consultants, we see a lot of red on sites while performing competitor analysis, but orange is actually the preferred color for increased click-through “ADD to Cart” or “Order Here” images.

    Are You Performing Split Testing?

    Split testing is very popular in Omaha SEO services, can be performed on multiple levels, and it’s an exceptionally effective method to optimize your return on investment. It can be as simple as comparing click through rates of “ADD to Cart” icons colored red or orange, or as complex as comparing Calls to Action or Landing Pages. If you attract 500 unique visitors to your main landing page daily, but only three click through to your shopping cart, split testing could reveal tweaks that would improve response rates, and ultimately conversions. Of course, it could reveal pages that aren’t attracting visitors at all, or vice versa. If you discover viewers are highly engaged in a specific content area of your website, linking other parts of your site to that content would help.

    What is Your End Goal?

    Every SEO Omaha company should ask you, “What’s important to you?” Your goals need to be intertwined with every available analytic metric, to best align which indicators best match the objectives of your campaigns. A key indicator for branding could be – how many unique visitors does it take to achieve your goal? If your goal is for visitors to purchase products directly from your website, would an SSL certificate convey trust? If your goal is to generate leads, would poor grammar or broken links hurt? Again, key indicators depend on a myriad of factors. Let a professional Omaha SEO Consultant formulate an SEO strategy that will align with your specific mission.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    Need help determining if your current Omaha SEO campaign is successful? Contact an Omaha Search Engine Optimization Company, Big Red SEO, at (402) 522-6468. Our mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. More than ever, potential customers are searching for services in their local area. We can help you get the results you deserve.

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