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Up, up and away! Since 2010, we’ve helped Omaha business owners get the upper hand with search engine optimization. Our approach is to skip all the BS that’s often associated with SEO and focus our attention on getting real results that boost our clients’ businesses.

Among the SEO services we’re proud to offer are:

Local SEO

When someone does a local search for a product, service or specific business, Google uses a different algorithm to deliver results. This algorithm is heavily weighted to ensure that the results Google displays are associated with businesses that have a local office or storefront. Using a variety of trust factors to prove to Google that you are an established local business is essential for ranking at the top of local search results.

More than ever, people are using Google to perform local searches from their computers and smartphones and working with Big Red SEO is a great way to increase the number of potential customers who walk through your doors.

National SEO

Any business that’s local to Omaha but serves customers all across the United States can benefit from increasing their website’s national SEO ranking for relevant search terms. People who are searching for a product or service are very likely to go with one of the offerings they come across. But unless your website is one of the first results that comes up for the keywords searchers are using, you are going to lose those potential customers to your competitors.

We can create a national SEO strategy for you that identifies which keywords your potential customers are using, and then improve and maintain your website rankings for those keywords.

Penalty Recovery


You never want to see your traffic trending like this image! It physically hurts. Regardless of whether it’s a new or established website, when you start a search engine optimization campaign for the first time, it takes a little while to get the ball rolling. But once the momentum gets going, it can be amazing to see how many targeted visitors arrive from Google on a daily basis.

However, if SEO isn’t handled properly, that can all end in a flash with a web site penalty. Fortunately, we have experience helping clients who’ve ended up with a penalty as a result of another SEO provider taking shortcuts. If you’re in this position, we can use our expertise to analyze the situation and implement an SEO recovery strategy.

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