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Do These Simple Things, You’ll Be at the Top of Google

Do These Simple Things, You’ll Be at the Top of GoogleAs an Omaha SEO company we are often approached by businesses who want a quick fix or solution to get to the top rankings of search engines like Google. While we can not provide the exact sequence of what to do (after all, that would be putting ourselves out of a job!), we can tell you the top areas you can complete yourself. When these are approached, groomed, and given attention, there is a high chance you will land on page one of Google. Remember, consistency and value are relevant with all of these tasks.

Provide quality content

We’ve said it before and we’ll preach it until the day we retire, providing quality content is required for any SEO efforts to work. If you’re updating your company blog once a month or once a quarter, you should just stop now. With blogs specifically, it’s one of those things you either commit to or you don’t. Essentially, the search engines need relevant and quality content on a regular basis as they use this data to index your website.

If you’re a small company who pushes out four to five blog articles a week with relevant, quality, industry-specific content, you can outrank the big corporations. Again, the key is consistency. Don’t get lazy. Your competitors are chasing you!

Update things regularly

If you’re on a low budget and looking to perform some of the small basic tasks, update your website often. I’m not talking about replacing a period with a comma, or switching out an “and” with an “or”–I’m suggesting that you update your images frequently (remember to use the meta descriptions correctly), revise your homepage content, ensure that your website design is user friendly and not “aged,” and as mentioned above, ensure you update your blog often. There is nothing worse than visiting a company blog whose last article was published a year ago.

Don’t get your visitors lost

This is a biggie! Design is extremely important for all companies. Your website visitors, i.e. potential customers, should be able to find what they are looking for within two to three clicks. If you do not have the proper navigation in your website you are guaranteed to piss people off, leading them to leave your website and head to your competition. Make the navigation easy, provide a few areas in the website where they can get back to the home page, blog, as well as contact page. Also make sure you link your logo at the top left side of the website to your actual home page. Several businesses forget this step or think it’s not important, but people have become used to clicking the logo and landing back into the main “home” page.

Be an authority on a subject

If you’re looking to create and maintain a blog, ensure that you represent yourself as the authority on the subject. Do not waver back and forth on an opinion. Instead, strongly state your views, opinions, and recommendations. Your potential customers are coming to your website for answers, so give them answers!

If you decide to outsource your content creation, you’ll want to ensure that the freelance writer you’re hiring knows and understands your business. At Big Red SEO, we always perform a blog strategy meeting. This helps our content development team understand the ins and outs of our client’s business, as well as provide us with an open dialogue about areas they wish not to discuss on their blog.

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