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Storytelling is the Key to Content Marketing

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    Over the last two years, content marketing has become a strategy that’s utilized by businesses of all sizes. There are several reasons why this practice has become so popular. The biggest reason is because when done well, content marketing can provide a significant growth channel for businesses. Another reason that content marketing has grown so quickly is because Google has made a lot of changes to the way that they rank their search results. Since many tactics are no longer effective, businesses need to be willing to invest in quality content in order to secure the rankings they desire.


    While more businesses than ever before are now familiar with the concept of content marketing, that doesn’t mean every business is utilizing this strategy to its fullest potential. In many cases, businesses end up falling far short of their expectations for this type of marketing. Whether you’ve had struggles with content marketing or are hesitant to invest in this channel because you’re not 100% sure how it should be executed, Big Red SEO wants to provide answers to what needs to be done in order to unlock the full potential of content marketing.

    It’s All About the Story

    In addition to the fact that it drives bottom line results and can play a major role in improving search engine rankings, another reason that content marketing has received so much attention is because a lot of recent research has come out about the power of telling stories. As different researchers have discovered, human beings are basically hardwired to respond to stories.

    If you’ve ever gotten sucked into the storyline of a reality TV show and suddenly asked yourself why you were willing to commit hours to watching characters that you probably wouldn’t want to spend time with in real life, it’s because the producers of these shows are masters at hitting our storytelling nerves. Once people get hooked into a storyline, they want to stay connected with it.

    Although many businesses are just beginning to realize the impact of story, a lot of podcasts have already tapped into this nerve. Whether it’s blockbuster podcasts like Serial or smaller podcasts where the hosts simply give weekly updates on what’s going on in their lives, creating a story is exactly what will keep people coming back for more.

    Content Marketing is An Ongoing Process

    In order for a brand to come up with a compelling story, it’s important to do some upfront planning. While certain elements of a brand’s story may reveal themselves over time, most businesses want to have an idea of where they’re going. If you’re trying to figure out what story your business should tell, it’s important to take a step back and look at elements like the values that are most important to your business.

    Once you have a better idea of the story you want to tell, you can’t expect to simply put it on your About page and then see amazing results from your content marketing. While publishing your story in one location is a start, the brands that find the most success are those which are able to weave an ongoing narrative into the content they publish.

    Since blogging is something that works best when done on an ongoing basis, it’s easy to see why this format is the perfect fit for telling stories. Keep in mind that your brand doesn’t have to focus on telling its core story 100% of the time. Instead, you can use the content you publish to tell different stories. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want the content you publish and the stories you tell to be crafted in a way that connects with your target audience. By finding ways to connect, you’ll get far better results from all of your content marketing efforts.

    Don’t Forget the Marketing Component

    At Big Red SEO, one of the most common mistakes we see businesses make is not marketing their content. While a business may put lots of resources into crafting really amazing content, it’s important to remember that the Internet is a very busy place. As a result, even the best content isn’t going to magically find its way in front of a target audience. Instead, a business needs to put a marketing push behind content to get it out in front of the world.

    So, how do you go about marketing the content that your business publishes? The easiest starting point for most businesses is to share it through their social media profiles. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the most popular platforms for businesses that are publishing content on their own websites. If you don’t have a presence on these platforms, now is a good time to create them.

    Another avenue for marketing content is to send it out via email. Since email continues to outperform even the best social media efforts, it’s crucial to have an optimized signup form on your website. Finally, properly optimizing the content you publish for search engines is an important component of marketing. By ensuring that your target audience can find it, more of your content will become visible through Google as your site’s authority continues to grow.

    Put Your Results on the Fast Track By Hiring Professional Help

    There’s no denying the fact that when done well, content marketing is a very powerful channel. That being said, getting content marketing right is no easy task. Between nailing down the story you want your business to tell and having the resources to consistently publish and market great content, this strategy requires a lot of work.

    If you feel that your business doesn’t currently have the bandwidth to succeed with content marketing, the good news is Big Red SEO can help. Because we’re not only very experienced with this practice but also have a team that’s 100% focused on content marketing, we’re able to help with every stage in the process. So if you’re ready to implement and execute a successful content marketing strategy, the first step is calling us at (402) 522-6468.

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