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Strategy for SEO – The Role of Quality Content

One of the reasons that search engine optimization can be such a challenge for Omaha businesses is because there’s a lot that goes into formulating a successful strategy for SEO. If you know that your business can benefit from search engine optimization but you aren’t sure where you should start, Big Red SEO wants to discuss why we think putting content at the center of your strategy is a very wise decision.

A Quick History of Google and SEO

Since its early days, Google has always had an interesting relationship with the SEO community and this practice in general. On one hand, Google is in the business of providing people with the best results possible. In order to ensure they can deliver these results, Google needs to be able to easily access the content that’s published on websites.

Because Google directly benefits from having websites that are as easy as possible for them to crawl and index, much of their SEO advice has focused on helping sites avoid technical problems that may inadvertently block Google’s crawlers. While the company has been pretty open with this type of information, the same isn’t true for information about how they rank sites.

Although Google has a lot of data at their disposal, ranking websites on similar topics is still at least a somewhat subjective endeavor. Since everyone has their own opinions and online habits, plenty of people may prefer a site that’s ranked third in a list of Google results to the site that’s in the top position.

Given that every business owner is always going to feel that they have a better product or service than their competitors, it’s easy to understand why businesses have always been interested in ways to rank at the top of relevant Google results. The reason Google isn’t as free with sharing information about how businesses can achieve that goal (other than buying paid ads through AdWords) is because they like to say that these things should happen organically.

But since that’s not how the business world works, any business that wants to attract targeted searches via Google needs to take an active role in promoting their website. While you don’t want your Omaha business to engage in unscrupulous black-hat SEO tactics like spamming or even hacking, there are plenty of white-hat strategies that can be used to optimize and promote a website.

Why Content is Such a Powerful Strategy for SEO Tool

Over the years, businesses of all sizes have been penalized by Google for activities like buying links from other sites. Since Google views link buying as a direct manipulation of their algorithm, they have filters in place that can automatically penalize sites that are engaged in this type of activity.

When it comes to Google’s view of how any website should promote itself, their stance has always been that marketing should be done in a natural and organic way. Complying with that stance is why content has become a really great tool for SEO. If a business wants to earn links from specific websites or blogs, they can write a post that they feel will appeal to the audience of the target site.

Then once an Omaha business publishes a post on their blog, they can use channels like social media to share it with those targets. If the targets like a piece of content, there’s a good chance that they will share it with their own audiences by linking to it. While not every post published by a business is going to be a homerun, the links earned from a consistent publishing schedule can really add up.

What It Takes to Produce Really Great Content

Content marketing that’s done well can be highly effective for attracting new links. This strategy can also play a key role in driving more traffic to a site through other channels. While there’s a lot that Omaha businesses can gain from consistently publishing and promoting excellent content, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy strategy to maintain.

For many businesses, there are a few different roadblocks that can get in the way of making this strategy sustainable. One of those roadblocks is coming up with topics to write about. Not only do topics need to be interesting, but they need to provide value to the right audience. Another common issue is consistently getting posts written and published.

What often ends up happening is that businesses start off with a flurry of posts, followed by an extended period of publishing nothing. They may periodically resume publishing, but have trouble sticking to a consistent schedule. Unfortunately, this type of inconsistency gets in the way of the momentum aspect of content marketing that’s so important.

We Make It Easy to Consistently Publish Great Content

If you know that your business and SEO efforts can benefit from proper content marketing but you’ve either hit a wall or already know that it’s not something that will fit into your packed schedule, you’re definitely not the only Omaha business owner to feel this way. Since this issue came up time and time again in our conversations with business owners, we took the necessary steps to integrate content marketing into our array of services.

So if you want to reap the SEO and other benefits that great content has to offer without the stress of trying to maintain a consistent publishing schedule, Big Red SEO is here to help. Because we have the team and process in place to handle content creation, we can put your content efforts on the fast track.

Not only do we take the hassle out of publishing great content, but our extensive experience means that we know exactly how content should be focused and optimized. By utilizing our service, it won’t take long for you to start seeing an increase in traffic to your site, as well as boosts to your other key metrics.

Call us today at (402) 522-6468 to talk more about your Omaha business and how our SEO content services can help it thrive online.

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