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Successful Search Engine Optimization in 2015

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    Success with SEO in 2015Although there are plenty of things about SEO in 2015 that are quite different from just a few years ago, the ongoing changes that Google makes don’t have to completely get in the way of your Omaha business finding success online. The key to making local SEO successful in 2015 and beyond is to adopt the right mindset.

    Specifically, it’s crucial to understand that SEO isn’t a switch that gets flipped on and instantly changes everything. Really ramping up efforts like content creation and other online marketing channels requires an upfront investment to start seeing results. The other thing that is important to understand is SEO isn’t a set it and forget it strategy. While you definitely need to create a strong foundation upfront, the fact that you’re always going to be competing with other businesses means you have to stay on top of efforts like mobile SEO.

    With this mindset, there are several areas where you can focus in order to make the most of SEO in 2015. Based on all of our previous work and analysis for the upcoming year, here are the things Big Red SEO thinks you should focus on during 2015:

    Quality Content Creation is Essential

    A few years ago, most businesses still viewed blogging as an activity that was limited to individuals recapping how their day went. Because so few businesses were publishing blog posts, any business that utilized this strategy could basically dominate their desired search results regardless of the quality of what they were publishing.

    While the concept of personal blogging still exists, this channel has become much more popular throughout just about every industry. As a result of the significant increase in the number of businesses that publish online content, it’s no longer enough to just publish blog posts.

    Instead, businesses that want to see the best results from local SEO need to focus on quality content creation. Although quality can seem like a subjective term when it comes to content, things to focus on in regards to this pursuit include writing posts your audience truly wants to read, going the extra mile to promote content and regularly reviewing data to find new ideas worth writing about.

    Social is Important, But Not a Silver Bullet

    It wasn’t that long ago when plenty of people throughout the search engine optimization community thought that social media was going to completely change how Google handled their ranking process. While Google has experimented with integrating different search signals into their algorithm, nothing has stuck.

    In fact, Google representative Matt Cutts confirmed last year that the company doesn’t use social media signals to influence how they rank websites. He also emphasized that since social sites can block Google from crawling whenever they want, it doesn’t make sense for Google to build their algorithm around any of those factors.

    All that being said, it doesn’t mean your business should entirely ignore social media. Since these channels can have benefits outside of SEO, it’s worth making them one part of your overall strategy for online marketing. The important thing is to realize that whether it’s social media or another avenue, the only SEO “silver bullet” is consistently executing a solid strategy that’s focused around a long-term outlook.

    SEO in 2015 is All About Mobile

    While social hasn’t had the direct impact on search engine optimization that many people predicted a few years ago, one shift that’s here to stay is the prominence of mobile search. If you’ve had Google Analytics installed on your website for the last few years, you can see this shift for yourself. By doing a simple dig into your data, you’ll see firsthand the continued growth of mobile traffic.

    Since people all across the United States and the rest of the globe are using their mobile devices to do just about everything imaginable online, Google has definitely taken notice. One recent update they made was adding a mobile-friendly label throughout their mobile results pages. This label is placed next to sites that Google can confirm will function just as well on a small screen as a larger one.

    One of the main factors that Google uses to determine a site’s mobile suitability is whether or not the site utilizes responsive design. Because responsive design has been established as the best way for a site’s design to function properly across all devices and screen sizes, transitioning to this type of design should be at the top of your mobile SEO to-do list.

    Keep the Big Picture in Mind

    Because SEO is such a broad field, it’s a subject anyone can spend as much time learning about as they want. While it’s obviously important for search engine optimization professionals to keep up with Google’s latest moves, this information generally isn’t something that Omaha business owners need to worry about.

    The reason it’s just not necessary for business owners to spend time trying to master individual tactics is because it can lead to losing sight of the bigger picture. Not only should you have a goal for long-term online growth, but you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish by bringing more visitors to your website.

    Whether it’s getting them to submit their email address or actually having visitors make an online purchase, finding a balance between a solid SEO strategy and converting visitors into leads or customers will yield much better results for a business owner than worrying about the latest “shiny object” that shows up in the SEO world.

    Big Red SEO Can Help You Make 2015 a Success: (402) 522-6468

    What’s great about working with Big Red SEO is we make it possible to get the SEO in 2015 results you want without having to take your focus off other areas of your business. If you want to work with SEO professionals who will create a solid foundation for your business and then continue building it, our team can deliver exactly what you expect. Calling (402) 522-6468 is the easiest way to get in touch with us to discuss how we can make the next year very successful for your business.

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