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Taking a Strategic Approach to Local SEO

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    Local SEO is a big topic to tackle. Whether your Omaha business is just getting started or you want to focus your existing efforts, figuring out what to do can feel overwhelming. Big Red SEO has talked to plenty of businesses that simply don’t know where to start or what to do next. We want to use this post to help businesses understand how to strategize and begin moving in the right direction.

    Assess the Current State of Your Local SEO

    Before you can figure out what needs to be done to move forward, it’s important to know where your business is currently at in terms of local SEO. If your business doesn’t have a website yet, you’re going to have a long list of things that need to get done. But even for businesses that are already online, there’s often a lot of improvements that need to be made.

    For example, as more Internet activity has moved to mobile devices, Google has made it clear that websites need to function properly on smaller screen. This is best accomplished with a responsive website design. For businesses that don’t have that type of design yet, their local SEO efforts will be stalled until they complete a redesign.

    Identify One-Time Improvements and Ongoing Efforts

    A responsive website design is a common example of a one-time improvement that may be identified during the initial audit phase of putting together a local SEO strategy. Other tasks will require ongoing efforts. Publishing blog posts and encouraging customers to leave online reviews are two common examples of ongoing tasks that are critical to a successful local SEO strategy.

    By taking the time to identify everything that needs to be done and then properly classifying it into the one-time or ongoing category, Omaha businesses can get a realistic understanding of exactly what it’s going to take to make their local SEO strategy a success.

    Big Red SEO Can Help Craft and Execute Your Local SEO Strategy: (402) 522-6468

    Local SEO is something that includes many different elements. That’s why putting together a comprehensive strategy and then making progress with it is no easy task. If you’re concerned about having enough time and resources to properly address everything that needs to be done, Big Red SEO can help.

    Thanks to our experience with local SEO, we can help you avoid all of the pitfalls that commonly knock businesses off the right track. From not forgetting specific parts of a solid strategy to ensuring all necessary steps are taken on a consistent basis, Big Red SEO is the ideal online partner for your business.

    The easiest way to get answers regarding any specific local SEO questions or to learn more about what we can do to help your business increase its online presence is to call us at (402) 522-6468.

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