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Five Scariest Words for a Website Owner: “Maybe I Won’t Get Hacked”

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    Website_Big Red SEOWhen a customer comes to us to buy web hosting services, the first thing we ask is, “Would you like a dedicated or shared server?” Our next follow-up question is, “Do you want managed services?” Many business owners take the chance and veto the managed services. They see it as an unwanted cost and we often hear comments such as, “I can just deal with that problem if it happens.”

    As a business owner, it scares me to hear someone say that because with an e-commerce site it is extremely important that I protect my customer information like contact information and billing information and make sure that it never falls into the wrong hands.

    Why You Should Perform Website Back-Ups

    It still amazes me how many people fly by the seat of their pants with the approach, “I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.” I had a customer that refused to purchase a dedicated server and he received a phone call from a prospective company who was looking to purchase a product on his website that he is a re-seller for. The price range for products he sells is $5,000 to $7,000 per machine and he is the leading re-seller due to the SEO Campaigns he has with us. He called in a panic as he had just received a phone call from the prospect who informed him that his website had a message on the home page that stated, “Your site is hacked and we now have your customer and billing information.” Yikes! He had initially refused to purchase the managed services with his old hosting company and now wanted to purchase with our recommended hosting company in the hopes that everything could be resolved immediately. He not only lost hours of his time due to having to rebuild and secure his website, he lost the respect and potential sale from the prospect, and who knows how many other people visited his site while that message was up.

    What Is Managed Services And Why Is It Important

    It is always recommended to manage your server, and in fact,  the web hosting companies that we recommend will tell you upfront what it entails and why you should buy it. Like car insurance, make sure you buy a managing service on your server. It is worth the extra money to not have to worry about “what if” situations, or cleaning up a horrible situation and trying to earn clients back once their private and credit card information falls into the wrong hands. While managed servers cannot guarantee that you’ll never get hacked, they certainly help limit the chances. Along with the managed dedicated servers that Hands-On Web Hosting offers, they also offer web server backup plans so that if you do get hacked or erase a file by mistake, you can recover quickly.

    Don’t be one of those who say “Maybe I won’t get hacked.” Protect your business and your customers. Need help selecting the correct web hosting services for your business? Feel free to contact our SEO Team at (402) 522-6468. We’d be happy to discuss your options.

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