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The Right Time for a New Omaha Web Design

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    Most Omaha business owners are aware that the Internet can help them market their business and bring in new customers. Because of this, an Omaha business may already have some kind of website. However, the business may be unhappy with the lack of results the site is driving.

    If this sounds similar to the position you’re in, you may be looking into possibilities for a new web design. While all the possibilities that can go along with a new website are quite appealing, it’s still normal to feel a little hesitant about actually starting this process.

    Since you want to be able to make a clear decision and know that moving forward with an updated web design will have a positive impact on your business, we’ve put together a list of signs that will help you know for sure if the time is right to update your site:

    Visitors Aren’t Sure What to Do

    When someone visits your Omaha business website for the first time, they’re going to form their opinion of it in just a few seconds. If they’re met with a lot of clutter or other elements that are confusing, the impression they form isn’t going to be positive. In fact, being unsure of what to do is a leading cause of online visitors hitting the back button.

    In order to keep as many visitors on your business site as possible, it’s vital to have a web design that is clear about what people should do. By eliminating confusing elements and creating a style that is easy to navigate, you can prevent your business from missing out on potential new customers.

    Your Site Can’t Convert Visitors Into Customers

    As discussed in the previous section, you want your site to keep visitors around. The reason is you ultimately want your web design to convert visitors into actual leads or customers. Although just about every Omaha business website should have that goal, a significant percentage of business websites aren’t actually designed to do so.

    What does converting a visitor into a lead or customer require? While the specifics will vary based on the exact business and its particular goal, most conversions involve elements like clicking a button or filling out a form. Working with a web design company that specializes in business websites is the best way to identify the right goal for your site and then implement the necessary elements to optimize for conversions.

    The Current Web Design Has Confusing Navigation

    If a visitor types your website’s URL into their browser, they’re going to end up on the homepage of your website. But what a lot of site owners forget is that not everyone is going to take that path. In fact, a lot of visitors who come to your site for the first time are going to do so via a Google search or social media link. Since those links may be to a blog post or other page, it’s important for visitors to be able to navigate around the site from wherever they’re at.

    The key to making it easy for someone to navigate a site is having clear navigation. Unfortunately, a lot of business websites suffer from confusing navigation. Whether a menu has too many links or too few, this type of problem can frustrate visitors and result in them leaving. Carefully thinking through navigation and then implementing it in a new web design can have a big impact.

    Your Omaha Business Contact Information is Hard to Find

    If your business has a brick and mortar location in Omaha, a significant percentage of the visitors to your website are going to want your address and/or phone number. While it’s easy to understand why someone would want that kind of information for a business, a lot of websites do a very poor job of making that info easy to find.

    Because you definitely don’t want your website to prevent interested people from being able to find your Omaha business, this information needs to be easy to find from any page on the site. Not only will having easy to find contact information be beneficial to visitors, but it can also play a role in helping to maximize your site’s rankings in local Google results.

    It’s Hard to Read Your Site on a Computer and/or Mobile Device

    There are several reasons that a web design can make content difficult to read. One possibility is that the font size of a design is too small. Another is that the design doesn’t format content in a way that makes it easy to scan. With any of these issues, it’s a clear sign that the time for an updated design is now.

    Not only is it important for a site to be easy to read on a desktop or laptop, but it’s just as important for it to load properly on mobile devices. Since mobile Internet usage continues to surge, responsive design has become the best way to make a site look great on screens of all sizes. You can read more about the benefits of responsive web design in one of our previous posts.

    Get the Right Website for Your Business from Big Red SEO

    If you recognized any of the problems from your current Omaha business website as you read through the five issues we discussed above, you can know for sure that the time to move forward with a new web design is now.

    By getting an updated website design that eliminates any of the issues that are currently plaguing your site, you won’t have to worry about missing out on potential customers. In fact, having a properly optimized new design will increase the number of visitors that you’re able to convert into leads or customers.

    Since there’s a lot that goes into getting a business web design right, you need a partner with plenty of experience. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll get from working with Big Red SEO. To learn more about the work we do and discuss the details of redesigning your site, you can reach us by calling (402) 522-6468.

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