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The Search for the Perfect Blog Post Length, Part 2

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    Omaha Search Engine Optimization_Big Red SEOAt Big Red SEO, our search engine optimization team and content creation experts spend a lot of our time coming up with individualized strategies to earn your business higher rankings in Google and other search engines. We know that every business is different, with different goals and different ideal audiences they want to attract. That’s why we’re so interested in having conversations with you about how to optimize your website’s content to make your company’s SEO marketing more effective. Some people say that shorter blog posts are the way to go, while others put their money on long-form content to draw more traffic to their businesses, but we think it’s more complicated than that. 

    In our last post, we dispelled some of the common myths surrounding the benefits of both long- and short-form content, and today our Omaha search engine optimization specialists will tell you what you need to know about writing blog articles that are optimized for users and search engines like Google!

    The Length of Your Blog Isn’t Everything

    No matter how long or short your blog articles end up being, there are a number of other important things about your content that you need to consider first for effective  Omaha SEO.

    Most of what we’ll talk about here has to do with the substance of your content, which is a basic consideration that nonetheless gets overlooked a lot.

    It comes down to this: what is the real substance of what you’re trying to say in your article?

    If it’s taking you 2000 words to say something that could be said in 100, then you probably need to base your article on a better idea, one that can support a longer article. In other words, if you find yourself starting to pad your articles just to add length for the search engines and hoping that it will be good for your SEO marketing, remember that readers will value substance over length any day (but ideally length and substance will go hand in hand).

    Here are some other aspects of your writing that will affect the length of your blog articles.

    What’s Your Business Blog Writing Style?

    Is your style of writing straight and to the point, or is it more relaxed and conversational? What do your readers expect from you in this regard, and what do they want to see? You know who your ideal audience is best, and your goal should be to write in a style they want to read. The way you present information to readers has a big effect on the length of your articles.

    How Do You Format Your Writing?

    Our Omaha search engine optimization team at Big Red SEO suggests that you pay special attention to how you format your writing, especially with longer articles. If you write in long paragraphs with no subheadings, chances are you’ll lose readers who like to skim passages for information they need. Keep the attention of more readers by being more inventive with your formatting—use H tags, bullets, and images to break up your text and make it more scannable; that way, even if your article ends up being long, it won’t feel to readers like they’re slogging through a never-ending term paper!

    How Often Do You Post to Your Blog?

    The frequency of your blog posts also has a big effect on how long they are. As a small business owner, chances are you don’t have a lot of time to create content, so cranking out a 2000 word article every day to post to your site is probably out of the question. One 2000 word article a week, though, or two 1000 word articles a week, is probably more doable.

    The bottom line is that you should post to your blog often enough so that what you’re putting out is substantial. If you’re posting five days a week but your articles are only 200 words, that’s not doing your site’s search engine optimization as much good as an 1000 word article per week would.

    Contact Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468

    To make things clear, we at Big Red SEO aren’t saying that content length isn’t important. There are simply other aspects of your blog writing that you should pay attention to first. Your content needs to be substantial, in a style that’s attractive to your ideal audience, and formatted to allow for easy reading—all these elements of your writing work in different ways to dictate its length, so the length of your writing is just one element out of many to consider for the best content and internet marketing strategy. Give our Omaha search engine optimization team at Big Red SEO a call today at (402) 522-6468 and let us get your business more online exposure on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

    Stay tuned to Big Red SEO’s blog for the final part in our Search for the Perfect Blog Post Length!

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