Three Design Tips to Help SEO

Omaha SEO Design TipsIf you do not know what search engine optimization is it can be a challenge finding a good Omaha SEO resource. Things change frequently in the SEO world due to the search engines and their strict guidelines/rules. The truth is that everything you need to know is out there. It is just a matter of sifting through the stuff that no longer applies and the truth.

Several individuals located in Omaha, and all around the world believe that SEO is simple. We, as Omaha SEO Experts, can tell you that the theory of Search Engine Optimization is not hard – you optimize your website, you perform all the recommendations suggested and you rinse and repeat. Being a full time SEO Expert is not always so simple, and can be very time consuming keeping up with changes set by search engines.

The area that can become a challenge for those getting into SEO for the first time is the waiting game with everything you perform. Below, we have provided a few tips we suggest to all our clients. We are an SEO Firm first. In our world, you have to build your website for the search engines first and the end users second. Some Omaha Web Design companies want to create a website to be ‘pretty’, resulting in them not thinking about the structure or the end users experience in finding things they are looking for. Let us know if you have any questions below, we would be happy to help!

Testimonials – Where Should They Go?

Testimonials are normally seen on the sidebar, but you should strive to receive enough testimonials to also create a massive page of testimonials that speak for your products and services. Ensure that the testimonials are authentic (from your customers not from friends or relatives) to help boost your sales. Also, be sure not to copy reviews to your website from Google+ Local, Yelp and other local sources as that could be viewed as duplicate content. As mentioned in our previous article quality content matters, so attempt to eliminate as much duplicate content from your website as possible.

How to Capitalize on Long Tail Search for Multiple Locations!

If you have multiple locations with an overall page for all of your locations, you could instead build out pages on a per location basis, adding local testimonials and localized advice on your services and pricing. The end result? This provides a better end user experience, and differentiates you from your competition. Ask an Omaha SEO consultant how this ties into long tail searches, and how this helps.

What is NAP? Why is It Important?

First, NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number, which needs to be consistent across the web on your website, Google+ Local page and all other data providers like Yelp, City Search, and InfoUSA to name a few. The key here is that you use the same format everywhere, especially with your address. Don’t use 1259 West 53rd Street, Suite 12 on some sites and 1259 W 53rd Street on others. Also, don’t forget to add your phone number to the top right hand corner of your website to make it easier for end users to get a hold of you. Nothing is more frustrating looking for a phone number or contact information in a website only to find out that the page presents a “we’re under construction” or a phone number not provided.

Contact Big Red SEO Today!

Need help with anything SEO? Contact our team at Big Red SEO, (402) 522-6468. Our mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. Potential customers are searching for services in their local area and could be searching for you. We help you get the business results that your company deserves.

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