Why Time is Needed in the Content Creation SEO Process

Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOSo you started your company blog and you’re doing well. You’ve even posted two blogs in one week, but you didn’t add a timestamp. Unfortunately, this is probably not the best practice when it comes to your Omaha SEO efforts and our content creation team at Big Red SEO are going to share with you the reason why.

We should probably start from the beginning and tell you why you should create content in the first place. Well, the more blog articles you create and publish, the more the search engines will come back to index your content. Remember, search engines love fresh, updated, and relevant content, because that’s what their users like. For instance, if you post every 3 days, the search engine will learn your pattern and come back as often as every 3 days to index the new content–and your users will, too.

Purpose of Blog Posts on Your Website

Here at Big Red SEO in Omaha, we like to post a blog article three business days a week and we do in fact choose to add a timestamp to ours–but we’ll get to that later. Publishing 3 days a week was a slow process that we built up to, so don’t feel overwhelmed out of the gate. The main reason we publish this often is to help those looking for more information regarding internet marketing, search engine optimization, and Pay Per Click (PPC).

The key to creating content and publishing it to a website is knowing that your efforts will take time to maximize the reward. It’s important to keep in mind that creating content may not help your Omaha SEO efforts overnight. For example, if your company currently doesn’t have an online presence, it can take time to build up your authority in a specific industry.

Why Consistency Is Important

One tip we tell all of our clients is make sure you have consistency. If you’re goal is to create content long term, perform the necessary research needed, and create a blog strategy before you start writing. It’s extremely important to have a full understanding what your potential customers are looking for or what could be considered “value-added” content.

Content Creation Tip: If you’re limited on time, stick to posting once a week. If you wish to see a boost in your rankings faster, we recommend adding content more often. Remember, the key is to add 100% unique content as often as possible.

The great news is that if your blog articles are well-written (spelling/grammar errors should not be present), over 450 words, and contain the keywords you’re going after for your business, you’re headed in the right direction!

Why Have a Timestamp on Your Blog?

If the search engines know you post every 3 days you might be asking yourself “why is it important to post a publish date?” The answer is simple, some topics have expiration dates, becoming irrelevant over time.

At Big Red SEO we realize technology is always changing and evolving. What’s true today may not be true tomorrow. Finding an article without a timestamp can be frustrating as you might not know if it’s still valid. Unfortunately, there are websites out there that have content, but haven’t been updated in 3+ years. We’ve experienced ourselves that when we visit a website that doesn’t have up-to-date information we move onto the next website that can offer a recent time stamp.

Be Sure to Deliver What Your Readers are Looking For

Really, it comes down to knowing what your audience wants and providing it to them. In the world of SEO things change fast, so time stamping is more important for our industry than others. It’s important when you’re learning about SEO to pay close attention to when an article was published. Best practices in SEO in 2008 would look very different from an article in 2014.

Tip: If your information does become outdated, you can revamp it with new and relevant information. We recommend presenting text that is no longer valid with a strike-through, then adding the new content. This helps the reader establish that you’re a 100% authority expert for your industry.

Best Practices for Publishing Scheduled Content

As we mentioned above, search engines love new content. If you’re publishing blog articles often you have a higher chance of the search engines coming back more quickly to index the new content. The key to content creation is consistency. If you don’t publish anything new for a few weeks, you run the risk of the search engines not coming back on a regular basis.

I’m New to Content Creation. How Often Should I Publish?

If you’re new to creating content for a blog, a great start is publishing two blog articles a week. When you start writing content it can be very tempting to want to publish your finished content as soon as it is finished. Unless it’s vital information that needs to go out right away, we recommend following your blog publishing schedule. This will help you avoid writer’s block and provide you time to adjust your blog strategy as needed.

Can We Publish Blog Articles More Than Once a Day?

If your company is currently publishing content daily, the next step to sharing value-added content to your readers is publishing blog articles more than once a day. While we do not recommend publishing to the point of bombarding your readers, website users will appreciate you providing relevant content often. To publish content two times a day, it’s essential to have a solidified blog strategy, a content creation ratio established, and time to create quality content. When you increase the quality of blog articles published in a day, the search engines will come more often than when you publish twice a week.

Contact Your Omaha SEO Company, Big Red SEO, at (402) 522-6468

If you find you don’t have time to create content, our content creation team is happy to help you with all your blog creation and management needs. We love to write and we’d love to learn about your industry. Call our Omaha SEO team today for more information at (402) 522-6468.

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