Time to Let Go of Your Logo Web Designer?

When To Fire Your Logo Designer by Big Red SEO With the exception of the image of his or her own children, nothing should give a business owner more joy than staring at their outstanding business logo. There are times when a business and a logo web designer simply can not see eye to eye in regarding to a logo vision. Instead of feeling frustrated or accepting a logo that is not what you asked for determine if another logo designer can meet your needs.

As an Omaha SEO Company, we do not create logos however we get approached with questions on when is it time to cut your loses with a logo designer and move on. We have put together three solid signs that mean it’s time to let go of your logo designer. Feel free to contact us with any questions at (402) 522-6468. We’d be happy to hear from you!

Say No to Unoriginal or Copied Work!

If your logo design mimics other logos, consider it stolen property, even if you think your business and the other will never cross paths. For example, I once knew of a logo designed for a church that mimicked almost exactly a logo from a large skateboarding gear company. Perhaps the logo web designer thought the larger company would never sue a church, and maybe he was right, but it is still fraud.

Even if the church’s designer had requested permission (which he hadn’t) riding on the coat-tails of another company’s logo does not qualify a logo as original. Taking inspiration from others is an artist prerogative, copying or stealing is not. Show your logo around, if the phrase, “That looks like (fill in the blank)’s logo,” that is not a good sign.

Similarly, logos created from stock-art may not be fraud but are also not unique to your business. As mentioned in “Take your logo Seriously -Here’s Why!” it is very hard to set your company apart from the competition if you are using the same logo just a different color. Several companies like vista-print will have template logos to choose from. While it might be appealing to select one of these as it is quick and easy you might want to think twice as customers can tell if your logo is a knock off, duplicate or a template image.

Lastly, a very common mistake in logo creation is the use of caricatures and stereotypical references to your line of work. This offer your business no credibility because they are unoriginal and show no personality. What makes your steaming coffee cup logo unique to the dozen other steaming coffee cup shops on the block?

Avoid Fad Following!

Anytime a new process or design feature becomes available, a slew of logos enter the scene looking, well, the same. For example, just because the selective focus feature is easier to replicate graphically, does not mean it matches your brand identity. If you’re thinking, “Why is my logo fuzzy?” This effect is not for your brand. In the mid-2000’s the “swoosh” was all the rage. Everyone jumped on board, from Capital One to Personalized Fitness, and eventually they all looked the same.

Incidentally, using a trending element isn’t always wrong, either. If the rational to use a new design feature is a cooperative decision between you and your logo designer in order to bring out the shape and personality of your brand identity, and not because the technique is new or hot, then by all means, go for it.

An excellent source of logo trends analysis is done by logolounge©. Tens of thousands of logos are organized, analyzed and categorized. Having knowledge of these trends allows you to see what techniques are working and what areas are perhaps indulgent or overdone.

Avoid Designers Who Push Only Their Ideas!

Speaking of indulgent, watch out for designers who have a look. If a logo designer fondly refers to his last year’s work as his “blue period,” and every logo looks a bit too…blue, run. As a logo designer being proud of a successful logo project is justified copying or mimicking that same logo for other companies is laziness.

Another sign to be aware of, if the designer continues to persuade you to focus on the art and complex symbols of his work, it’s time to change designers. In the designing world whether it is logos, websites or content you can run into the artist personality that will attempt to push what they like. We have had several design companies complain about other Omaha Web Designers stating, “What I asked for was an apple and instead I got a sirloin steak!” meaning that might the only way the delivered product matched what they asked for was by being categorized in the food industry.

Contact Big Red SEO, We Can Help Make Your Vision a Reality!

The function of your business logo is to be the best possible signature of your brand identity. If you’re in a logo design process that is showing any of these signs, it’s time to let go of your logo web designer and begin again. If you need advice or suggestions on what logo would be ideal for your company feel free to contact us at Big Red SEO. We’d be happy to put your vision to life!

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