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Tips to Get Noticed on Craigslist

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    Craigslist_Big Red SEODue to the world using the web for advertising and marketing, Craigslist has become one of the top marketing venues. If done right, posting on Craigslist can offer you and your company immediate exposure to those searching for a specific product or service. One of the many benefits of posting marketing ads on Craigslist is that you have the ability to capture the attention of “browsing” clients.

    Craigslist has millions of visitors a month and a large percentage of those people are browsing to buy. They are not looking for a specific product or service, they are just shopping to surf the net. If you create an appealing catch phrase and arm your ad with proper wording, you can benefit on some of  the Internet traffic on Craigslist. To maximize your exposure on Craigslist, we suggest you follow the recommended items below, as they will provide you with beginners success. 

    Start First, Finish Last

    Craigslist posts ads in chronological order, so to capture the attention of visitors it is recommended to post valuable information often. Try not to make your ads spammy, as you will more than likely get ghosted by Craigslist. In the SEO World, we call this getting sand boxed. Craigslist lets you delete and re-post the same ad every 48 hours. If you attempt to duplicate your ad before the 48 hour mark, your newest ad will not get posted. The goal is to stay on top of your ads and manage them so that you are working smarter not harder.

    Action, Action Read All About it!

    With any marketing or selling ad, you have to create an enticing catch phrase that will make people want to click it. Craigslist has over 46 million visitors a month, so be sure to use your wording wisely so that you can get some of that business. Use text with a color and appealing pictures. Also, don’t forget to add your catch phrase at the end of any item. When we post marketing ads we use “Contact for a Free Site Evaluation Today”, “Call Today for SEO Pricing” or “Email for October SEO Promotions.” To learn more about creating unique and fresh content that can be used on Craigslist, websites or in articles Contact Us Today. We would be happy to generate you content that will guarantee results.

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