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Top 10 Tips for Local Business SEO

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    SEO_ Big Red SEOWhile the Internet itself caters to everyone around the world, the majority of people focus nationally, regional or even locally when it comes to their current or potential customers. Taking a local focus for Omaha SEO and Local Search Engine Results is especially true of Brick and Mortar stores or people that offer public practices such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, personal trainers and community based businesses.

    For examples, is there a reason that Bob in Los Angeles cares about Tony’s Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska?  Unless Bob happens to be visiting Omaha, there’s really no reason for him to ever look up the dentist.  So, let’s take a look at the top tips to gain position in Local Business SEO results provided by the Big Red SEO Team. Feel free to contact us at (402) 522-6468 with any questions.

    Top Tips

    1. Keywords are critical for local SEO.  See yourself by performing a search using your location in your keyword results.  As a search engine optimization company, our main focus is “Omaha SEO company” where we focus directly on Omaha.  If you’re an accountant in Omaha you might want to focus on “Omaha accountant” or “accountant in Omaha”.  When people search in Google, many of them enter their city or regional location like “midwest” as part of the search. In many cases they may select a keyword from the auto populated list.
    2. Metatags are important. Your site has Title and Description Metatags right?  Don’t be afraid to use your location in those areas. You get bonus points in search engines like Google if the text in the Title is also reflected in the body of the page.
    3. Location in web page text. You are mentioning where you’re located right?  This is a major area that several companies focusing on local SEO miss the mark on. Text on your webpage should revolve around the specific keywords you’re targeting for that page.
    4. Google Places and Yahoo Local are great places to list your business.  You can even put a photo and logo on these profiles including Google Maps to help make driving directions easier, and you get another listing in Google!
    5. Much of off site SEO revolves around back links and anchor text. This it the text that’s used to link to your website. The more consistent the organic links back to your site are, the more value Google gives to the link.  Getting a link to your business name is fine, but getting “best pet boarding in Lincoln” is a much more detailed link, and it contains your key words “pet boarding” and the location “Lincoln”.
    6. Locally targeted Ad Campaigns work wonders!  Using Google Adwords (Pay Per Click – PPC), you can target specific regions and localities for increased traffic. Before signing up be sure to check out our article “Is PPC Right for You? Tips to Know Before Signing Up!“.
    7. Social Media is on the rise. Every time you turn around someone is talking about Twitter and Facebook. Get involved on these two massive mediums (and others). Google indexes these areas and can not only provide you links directly from Facebook users, but also provides exposure for people doing regular searches on Google.
    8. Social Media Advertising. A very powerful tool, that has become quite popular in 2013, is the ability to sell targeted ads in Facebook. Several of companies that have performed Google Adwords (PPC) has opted to move to social media advertising instead as you can focus on specific demographics like age, income, education, zip codes and interests. People fill out all sorts of info on Facebook, from their age, income, education, likes and zip codes.  With such information on hand you can drill down a campaign so that ads only show to people who have a birth day on June 2nd if you wanted!
    9. Ask for Reviews and testimonials. We hate doing it, but there is no more powerful advertising than word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to ask others to plug your name or give you a review. Check out “How Customer Reviews Will Transform Your SEO and Business” for tips on how to ask for reviews.
    10. Your site is too small. It doesn’t matter how big your site is currently, you can always add more pages. With those pages you can target a new set of keywords and different regions. For me, I live in Omaha Nebraska, but there’s nothing stopping me from writing pages for Lincoln, Ralston, La Vista and other surrounding cities in Nebraska. The goal is to target as many local search areas as possible.

    What is Your Competition Doing?

    Here’s a bonus item – remember to check your competition regularly. It’s not enough just to target certain words and areas, you must also keep an eye on your competition and react accordingly. At Big Red SEO, we like to work smarter, not harder. When you research the competition you can literally see what is working, what they are doing and not doing. We have experienced great results for smaller companies beating out their large corporations by performing ongoing competitor analysis.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    It’s entirely likely that your competition has already employed each of these items, and more but that’s not a problem, we’re here to help you!  At Big Red SEO, we’re considered one of Omaha’s top Search Engine Optimization firms, and more importantly, we’re considered very reasonably priced.  We are not a web design company who also does SEO, we are an SEO services company that also does web design.  With our services you are ahead of the game with all website designs. Submit a request for proposal and one of our team leaders will be happy to communicate with you.

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