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Omaha SEO Experts: Four Reasons to Own More than One Domain

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    Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOAs an Omaha SEO Company, we recommend  that every company have more than one domain. In today’s marketing strategies, having one domain for a company website is not enough exposure. With all the industries in competition, more than one domain has become necessary. Selecting the company domain is one of the most important steps in Search Engine Optimization.

    At Big Red SEO, we recommend thinking into the future for Internet marketing. Selecting multiple domains will take a little bit of research, such as figuring out how people search for your products or services. However, it can be well worth your time as your company and industry grows because of it. As Omaha SEO experts, we have provided the top four reasons why every company needs more than one domain for their company.

    #1 If You Don’t Do It, Your Competition Will

    As an Omaha SEO Company, we have hundreds of domains that relate to our market to get the largest exposure. If we don’t grab the domain names that relate to our business and market we are targeting, it is guaranteed that our competition will. At Big Red SEO, we recommend grabbing the domains that make sense for your business.

    #2 Everyone Searches for Products and Services Differently

    You have to think like your customer when selecting multiple domains related to your market. The customers you are targeting probably have no idea what your business name is, so the chances of them searching for you by company name are slim. For example: A person searching for “Omaha personal trainers” will get a list of personal trainers near Omaha. will be one of the gyms which pops-up in the search results, but if also owns the domain, the gym Endless Possibilities Training Systems will have two different websites within the search engine results pages versus just one. This gives them a competitive advantage over other gyms with only one domain.

    #3 Exposure, Exposure, Exposure and Links

    When you have the main company domain and you build on top of that, you can link between all your sites. This will result in stronger page authority. We know that content is always king in SEO campaigns, but links are just as important. When you are operating multiple domains, it is always important to link between the websites to keep them connected.  Also, be sure to get new links from partnering companies.

    #4 Registering a Domain is an Affordable Investment

    Typical cost for a domain registration is $10 a year. At times, you can find domain registration even cheaper and you can register the domain for multiple years so you don’t have to pay the bill every year. As a successful Omaha SEO Company, if we come across a domain that relates to our business we grab it immediately, as $10 is a great marketing investment. If you buy a domain, you can create a new website design, create a parked website where a domain would point to your main website or do a static page where you have little or no information on the website.

    There is no right or wrong answer as to how many domains a company should own. Be sure to grab what is available or your competition will. Think like your customer and do a search for your company, because the keywords you are using would be a great domain investment. Remember, exposure is very important! Get your company out there with more than one domain. Lastly, remember $10 per domain is a great investment if you have the right content.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    Have any questions on how to register a website domain? Want to buy web hosting packages or would you like to find out what domain names would be best for your company? Contact us at Big Red SEO! We can get your company the results you deserve.

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