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A Top SEO Company Outlines the Optimized Blog Post

As a top SEO company in Omaha, our search engine optimization team at Big Red SEO helps clients improve every aspect of their websites for better search engine rankings. While that’s what we do in a nutshell, the process is actually far more complex. One of the most important things we do is help our clients with content marketing, with personalized content creation services and blog management.

We’ve come across enough poorly designed blogs in our time to realize that business owners probably need some help understanding what makes an optimized blog page. Today, our content creation team at Omaha’s top SEO company will lead you through some of the key characteristics your blog should have to be successful in attracting readers and, most importantly, conversions for your business.

450 Words for Each Post

While there’s no magic word count for the most effective and engaging blog article, producing content that’s shorter than 450 words isn’t ideal for SEO. These pages are what’s known as low-content, low-quality pages, because that’s how Google and other search engines see them. Longer pieces of content generally rank better in search engines, not just because they’re longer, but they take length into consideration as one of many indicators of quality content.

If you have a lot of blog posts that are on the shorter side, think about ways that you can add more value to those posts, giving more information that will help your website’s visitors understand your products and services.

There’s generally no maximum number of words that a blog post should be, so just keep your topic in mind and write enough to convey the message. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a 2,000-word blog post if that’s what it takes to complete the article.

Include Relevant Keywords

There’s no reason to stuff keywords into your posts where they don’t belong, but you should definitely be tailoring your blog topics to includes phrases and questions your ideal client is searching for. Once you’ve built up a variety of these relevant topics, you can then begin carefully crafting your blog posts to include a wide range of targeted keywords that guide quality traffic to your website.

Our top SEO company includes in-depth keyword research as part of our SEO services, so you’ll never have to guess at which keywords you should include to reap the most search engine optimization benefit.

Use H Tags and Short Paragraphs

Part of what makes a successful blog (that is, one that people genuinely enjoy reading) is making your posts as easy to read for as many people as possible. You’ve seen blogs that consist of nothing but long, tiring paragraphs that make your eyes cross and give you a headache after a while, and that’s the problem you want to avoid at all costs.

How can you make the reading experience easy? With short paragraphs and properly utilized H Tags that increase the scannability of your text. Most busy people like skimming article text to find the parts they’re interested in, so you should accommodate these readers whenever possible.

This doesn’t mean that your articles need to be dumbed down–even the most complex and in-depth blog article can be made easy to read using these simple techniques.

Contact the Top SEO Company in Omaha at (402) 522-6468

A lot of thought goes into your blog, both in your content and how you present it to readers. Optimizing blog posts for best SEO results is a complex process, and it’s one that our search engine optimization team knows like the back of our hand. When you need help making sure that your blog pages are doing what they should for your content marketing efforts, give Big Red SEO a call at (402) 522-6468. We’re the top SEO company in Omaha, getting your business website noticed by potential customers on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

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