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Understanding Reports from Your Omaha SEO Company

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    Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOLet’s say you hire a carpet cleaning company to come to your house, clean your carpets, and remove a stain from your upstairs bedroom. If you leave your house and come back when they’re finished to a dry floor, a new stain, and a bill—you’re probably going to call and complain because you don’t believe they did anything. You’re not going to pay that bill, right? The same goes with your internet marketing company and your Omaha SEO. Even though we offer services instead of a product, you still want to be sure you’re getting the right bang for your buck. However, how can you see what you’re getting when it comes to search engine optimization? Your first thought might be, “if I’m not on the first page of Google, something must be wrong” and the internet marketing company is not doing anything. In some cases, this may be true, but at Big Red SEO we go about different ways to make sure you know we are working for you and doing our best to get you to the first page of search engines, like Google! One way is by not only showing you the SEO reports for your company, but also explaining them in ways you can understand.

    Pay Attention to Your Omaha SEO Reports

    We run reports as much for our benefit as yours. We want to see the areas where we need to focus our attention to get you the best results. Many reports delivered by SEO experts are given in table format, outlining your specific targeted keywords in the different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Depending on functionality, you may see some green or red cells in the table with specific numbers next to them. For example, if you see the keyword “Omaha web design” with red and the number 11 next to it, that means your business has fallen 11 spots for that particular keyword. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as your website not receiving enough updated content in a timely manner.

    If you’re falling in the search engine rankings against your industry competitors because of a lack of regularly updated content, then you know that they’re creating more content than you! An indicator like this should be your cue to revisit your content creation strategy. Maybe you should even take a peek at your competitors’ websites to see what they’re doing right.

    How to Tell When Your Omaha SEO Efforts Are Successful

    In the same way, if you see green and the number 14 by your keyword that means you’ve moved up 14 spots—a great win! It’s important to remember, though, that rankings fluctuate daily, and while at Big Red SEO internally we view the statistics often, we deliver a monthly review report to our clients to show them what is happening in the search engines for their particular SEO campaign. It’s a lot like watching the stock market–you’d go insane keeping track of the daily ups and downs, but what’s really important is long-term growth!

    Reports can also show you the amount of traction that you’re getting coming to and from your site, how long they stay, and what pages they click on. Several reporting tools offer you specific statistics such as keyword phrases or blog articles that were viewed in your website. When using this data effectively your business can take a proactive approach to marketing your company. For example, if you were found online for “how to create a Facebook page,” you can use this data in additional areas of your content such as a tutorial section or blog article ideas like “Why is Social Media Important?” or “Benefits of Online Marketing.”

    What You Can Do with Your Omaha SEO Reports

    When it comes to data it can have a direct effect on not only the online approach of business but also general sales. With the data you receive you can find that mentioning a specific keyword in your elevator pitch when meeting new people will help them understand what value or service you offer. It’s important to know the facts in anything related to business, especially your marketing strategy. Here at Big Red SEO, an Omaha SEO company, we get great ideas about how we can better assist our future clients by looking at our company’s reports and seeing what people are looking at on our site.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468

    As you can see, Omaha SEO reports are a great way to see if you’re getting your money’s worth or what keyword you need to go after harder. If you’d like us to run an SEO audit report for your company, contact Big Red SEO today at (402) 522-6468. We’ll get started today, so you can start seeing results!

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