Using Images For Emotional Reactions
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Using Images To Evoke Emotions

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    Images play a big role in keeping users’ attention and controlling their emotions to aid in a sale. From the colors and sizes to the topic depicted in the image, every one of them plays a factor.

    Today we’re reviewing a few different areas of images that people seem to overlook when it comes to web design and social media. Whether it’s the legal use of an image, the editing of images, or using people in your images, we’re chatting about it today.

    Most images are not free to use on the web however you want. You should not browse Google and just take an image that you like – this will lead to copyright issues, potential legal issues, and in many cases a DMCA action where Google can de-index your site and your host can stop showing your website.

    As often as possible, we recommend people to take their own images, or have a professional take an image for them. While you can certainly use Royalty-Free images (and we use these regularly), sometimes the personal touch gets the message across easier.

    Here are a few highlight sections of the video:

    01:00 What Images Should You Select
    03:30 The emotion in images play a big factor
    04:20 Every platform (social and web) has different sizes
    05:40 You can take your own pictures or use professional
    07:55 Color plays a big part in conversions
    08:40 Live Video is powerful because it can’t be doctored
    09:15 Edit the image, but don’t overdo it
    11:15 Are you wanting to create chaos or clarity?
    12:30 Sell the dream, not the reality
    13:10 Pay attention to details in images (wording)
    19:25 If you use a model, get a release form
    20:17 Royalty-Free Images – read the Terms of Service
    23:00 Just because it’s on social media, doesn’t mean you can use it too
    25:44 Use your own images of products, not the MFG Image
    27:07 SEO bonus points using your own images, rather than stock images
    28:30 Don’t use stock images to show “your office/team”
    30:10 Reverse Image Search on Google (did someone take your image?)
    31:25 Legal issues with Stock Images (Editorial Use Only)

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