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What Vertical Rhythm Can Do for Omaha Web Design

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    Here at Big Red SEO, our Omaha web design team likes digging down into the nitty gritty of web design, and sometimes that means talking about those small details that can make a big difference to the end-user experience.

    One of those details is “vertical rhythm,” and while it may sound like nonsense to you now, it’s a very important element of the web experience for you to keep in mind. That’s because the easier it is for a visitor to read your content, the more likely it is that they’ll understand your message, like what they read, and end up purchasing from you.

    Today, our web design experts will show you what vertical rhythm is and how we at Big Red SEO can use it to enhance your website visitors’ experience.

    What is Vertical Rhythm?

    No, it’s not a snarky comment on your dance moves (or lack of them)! Vertical rhythm has to do with how easy it is for a visitor to read the text on your website. Ideally, you want a visitor’s reading experience on your website to be easy, without a lot of hitches, stops, and re-starts and this happens most effectively when you design your web copy to be read in a steady rhythm. And since we read top to bottom, it’s called vertical rhythm. Get it?

    Why is Vertical Rhythm Important in Omaha Web Design?

    As we said, your web design should work toward one goal—to turn visitors into buyers. You can’t do that without compelling copy that tells them exactly what your business does and how it can help them solve their problems, but before you get to that part, you need a solid structure to put that content in. That’s just what focusing on vertical rhythm does, establishing a structure in your Omaha web design that guides a reader’s eye through your content.

    Just as a song is easier to listen to with a steady rhythm, people can read your content more easily when a page’s elements are balanced in a way that promotes easy reading.

    Getting Everything in Balance

    What do we mean by “balanced,” though? Well, it starts at a base level of typography—choosing sizes for headlines, H tags, and body copy. Once these elements are in harmony with one another, you have to think about how much space between lines of text will yield the best reading experience. If that space is too small, your text will seem scrunched and uncomfortable to read; if the space is too much, your text can be lost in the page’s negative space and seem insubstantial.

    The last step in establishing a vertical rhythm in your Omaha web design is paying attention to the width of your margins, which must be in line with everything else for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing effect.

    Getting things in balance is a combination of math and art. After establishing a mathematical structure, you also need a keen designer’s eye to work out the best solution for vertical rhythm for your particular website. Every site is different and presents different challenges, so no two designs will be exactly alike!

    Want To Convert More sales? We Can Create An Easy To Use Website For You! 

    Music needs rhythm to be coherent for listeners; the same is true for websites. An Omaha web design without a good sense of vertical rhythm can confuse and disorient readers, causing even those with an interest in your company to give up on your website without converting. Needless to say, that is never a good thing. Vertical rhythm may seem like small web design potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a design principle at the heart of everything else you do.

    If your website needs a revamp with a focus on vertical rhythm, give us a call today at (402) 522-6468 to see what we can do for you!

    Want to have an inside look at how we work? View our YouTube channel for videos, how-to’s, and more! 

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