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Web Design Mistakes That Hurt Omaha Businesses

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    Far too many Omaha businesses make web design mistakes that prevent their site from being as effective as possible at generating new leads or customers. Because Big Red SEO sees mistakes time and time again when businesses come to us for help, we want to highlight the most common ones.

    The five most common web design mistakes we see Omaha businesses making are:

    1. Not Being Responsive is a Huge Web Design Mistake

    A significant percentage of online activity has moved to mobile devices. The amount of people using their phones and tablets to find what they need online means websites need to work correctly across screens of all sizes. The only way to achieve that functionality is with a responsive website design. Any Omaha business that doesn’t have a responsive design will continue to miss out on direct visitors and search engine traffic until they make a change.

    2. A Lack of On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO refers to optimizing HTML elements like meta tags, page structure and anchor text. This component of SEO is what creates the foundation for a website to rank well in Google. The reason a lack of on-page SEO is on our list of notable web design mistakes is without it, a site will never be able to maximize its visibility in search engines.

    3. Unclear Navigation Structure

    When a visitor comes to your website, it’s crucial that they’re able to find what they want as quickly as possible. Accomplishing that goal requires navigation that’s clear and easy to use. If an Omaha business website doesn’t have clear navigation, it’s almost guaranteed that visitors will leave and end up going to a competitor’s website.

    4. No Contact Information

    There are two key reasons why businesses need to have their contact information prominently displayed on every page of their website. The first reason is visitors trust websites with a highly visible phone number and address much more than those without it. The other reason it’s important is Google looks for contact information and uses it when they’re ranking local search results.

    5. Missing Out on a Content Management System

    The last item on our list of web design mistakes is having a website that doesn’t include a content management system (CMS). Without a CMS, updating a site’s information or adding new content like blog posts is very difficult to do. A business website that’s not easy to update will always be at a disadvantage to other websites that include the latest information and content from a business.

    Call Big Red SEO for a Web Design That Has Everything You Need: (402) 522-6468

    If your business suffers from one or more of the web design mistakes we covered, the good news is Big Red SEO can help. By enlisting our services, we’ll be able to take your existing Omaha business website and fix all of the problems it has. Choosing Big Red SEO for your website redesign needs means you’ll have get a website that works just as great as it looks.

    To discuss your business website in detail, please give us a call at (402) 522-6468.

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