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Web Design Services – 3 Checkpoints For Building A Website

Our web design services have helped countless business owners develop beautiful, functional, powerful WordPress websites that align with immediate, specific goals for future growth. Whether upgrading your existing business website or doing a complete overhaul to create a brand new site, it’s vital you take the right approach.

Developing a business site that will function well, look great and provide the best user experience possible takes more than just adding content and images.

Below, we have zoned in on three key aspects every business owner needs to consider when designing a business website. Keeping these points in mind will ensure that your website can grow and expand with your business over time and offer your customers an easy-to-navigate, fully functional website to explore.

Our Web Design Services Can Future-Proof Your Business Website

Future-proofing your website essentially means keeping it protected against any potential web design services and developments down the line that could cause problems for your site. Making smart choices with your web design will help to improve your site security and allow you to avoid any potential pitfalls that may lay ahead.

Choosing the right content management software (CMS) is the first important choice. At Big Red SEO, we build websites using the WordPress platform, as it is secure, robust and regularly updated to fix bugs and potential security issues. With more than 35% of the internet currently being powered by WordPress, there should be no doubt that this platform is the best choice for managing your website.

And it is not just small businesses that utilize WordPress; many large companies such as NBC, the NFL, CNN, CBS Radio, and UPS all choose WordPress as their go-to CMS! WordPress can meet the growing needs of your business as you expand in the future.

Finally, be sure that you have a system in place to backup your website regularly from the outset. There are many plugins and services, both paid and free, that you can use to create regular backups of your website, giving you more peace of mind if you do encounter a problem.

Optimize Your WordPress Website Performance

As your website grows and more traffic arrives, you must ensure that you have prepared and are ready for growth. Website performance combines many factors such as loading HTML, CSS, Javascript, local media, and executing database queries. If you have kinks in any of these areas, it can harm your overall website performance. Optimizing your website performance from the outset will help set you on the right path when you launch. (if you need help reach out regarding our web design services)

As we have already mentioned, your website performance is restricted by the performance of many different elements. When all of these pieces come together, they effectively determine your website’s loading speed, a critical SEO factor.

web design services recommend to optimize image sizes before uploading to site

To keep your website running effectively and in the good graces of search engines, there are several things you need to pay attention to; for example, it’s important to remember that large image files can be detrimental to your loading speed. All images should be optimized before uploading to a website, or use a WordPress plugin to automate the process.

Caching plugins and services are also crucial in improving your page speed score. These allow browsers and servers to temporarily save data from your site, so they don’t have to load the entire site from scratch each time it is visited.

Finally, how your WordPress website is designed and what plugins you are using can impact site speed. With our web design services, we can help identify areas of your website design where you can make improvements to enhance the speed of your website moving forward.

Using An Effective Website Design

The visual appeal of your website and the end-user functions are vital in increasing the number of return visitors to your site. Suppose your website is difficult to navigate, hard on the eyes, or doesn’t function properly. In that case, visitors will be hesitant to return in the future and, instead, they will reach out to your competition.

At Big Red SEO, we understand the importance of creating a functional, attractive, and easy-to-use business website for your customers. Your website is an extension of your business, and you need to ensure that it makes the right impression with your future and existing clients. Within our web design services, we strive for perfection with every website design project we take on. We are passionate about what we do and always aim to deliver our clients the best possible final product.

We also appreciate that every business is different and that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to web design services. Your website needs to be designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that we know the short-term and long-term goals allowing us to create an effective website design that helps businesses going forward.

We Can Build Your Business The Perfect Website

To find out more about how we can help you design the perfect WordPress website for your business, contact us. With our experience and expertise, we’ll create a website for your business that will help to increase your online visibility and generate more leads.

Want to learn more about SEO or WordPress website design via video? Be sure to check out the Big Red SEO YouTube channel.

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