Web Design

responsive-web-designIf your business needs a new website or you want to redesign your existing website because it’s not delivering results for your business, Big Red SEO can help. We design websites that are fully aligned with your business goals while providing those searching for our product and services exactly what is needed.

We Create Awesome WordPress Designs

WordPress is a very powerful platform. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get it to look or work the way you want. Working with Big Red SEO will ensure that WordPress is streamlined to the needs of your business, customized to provide the perfect online representation of your business and optimized to help your business rank well in search engines.

While Big Red SEO offers a lot with our WordPress design services, you’ll be happy to know that we don’t charge a fortune for it. Although plenty of agencies like using the word development because it sounds complicated and expensive, the reality is unless something far outside the box is needed, a WordPress design should never cost upwards of $20,000 and even pushing $10,000 can be difficult. We work with small to huge businesses and everyone in between, which is why our prices are determined by hours worked and not on the size of a client’s checkbook.

Functional eCommerce Design (Online Store)

Statistics show that 80% of the entire US adult population has made at least one purchase online, and 50% has bought online multiple times. Because people of all ages are using their computers and phones to shop, it’s crucial for any business that sells physical goods to have an eCommerce website. This type of website provides all the functionality needed for customers to see and actually buy your products online.

Our expertise in eCommerce design spans from stores with single products to our largest eCommerce project involving over 1.4 million products. We work with all the popular shopping cart systems, including X-Cart, Magento, and WooCommerce. If you aren’t currently using a shopping cart, we will discuss exactly what you need and then use our extensive experience to help you choose the best shopping cart option.

All Our Website Designs Are Mobile Friendly!

In today’s modern world, a website that functions correctly on a mobile device is extremely important. Many designers build a pretty desktop design, but completely forget to optimize it for mobile devices too.  We test our websites in the latest browser versions and also the most popular mobile phone and tablet versions.

Whether you need a website designed from a template that you’ve purchased, a customized layout or enhancements to an existing design, or if you need a completely original design, Big Red SEO has the skills needed to accomplish the task.

Do you have a design in mind and need it to become a reality? We can help! Contact Big Red SEO Today!