Web Hosting Recommendations

We work with many different web hosting companies, but here are a few that we work with on a regular basis.

The following companies are places that we actively host our own sites with. While there are hundreds of hosting companies to choose from, we will only ever recommend ones that we are actively using for our own websites.

Website Hosting at SiteGround has you covered with nearly everything you need. They have now moved away from cPanel to their own system – check out the video below for a tour of the new control panel. It’s great!

KnownHost for VPS, shared cPanel hosting and WordPress. Lots of room to grow into VPS and Dedicated Servers!

Speed is a factor for SEO, and Kinsta is fast!
One of the fastest TTFB & “First Paint” we’ve ever tested!

SiteGround updated their control panel in August 2019. This will replace cPanel on their servers. Check it out!

*the links above are affiliate links and we do get a small commission by recommending these companies