How does your website rank? Are you seeing results for your target keywords?

Too many people setup a website and believe in the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy. The internet does not work this way. Even if you have the greatest website ever designed, if you have not optimized it for search engines or promoted it well, nobody will ever find it.

Prior to Launching an SEO Campaign

Before we start any project, the first thing we must ensure is that the website is actually ready to receive traffic. Once we start our SEO process, traffic will begin going to the website. If the website is not ready to convert those visitors into sales, then we have a problem on our hands. Here’s an overview of the things we provide prior to launching an SEO campaign:

  1. Website Audit – We must first ensure that the website is structured so search engines find it correctly.
  2. Website Navigation Analysis – Can users navigate around the site and find the information quickly?
  3. Website Content Analysis – Is the content on the site in a readable format?
  4. Website Design Review – At this stage we must decide if the website can be marketed, or if it needs to be redeveloped.

There are other steps involved, such as Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, and Link Analysis, but the first steps just involve looking at the code to ensure things are done correctly.

Free Website Review Consultation

We will provide a free website analysis which will present you with valuable information to help improve the ranking of your web pages in search engines. We review various aspects of your web page, including:

  • Website Design Review
  • Broken Links
  • Website Load Time
  • Search Engine Inclusion
  • Site Popularity
  • Meta Tag Optimization Review
  • HTML Validation
  • SCHEMA & JSON Organization Check
  • Content

We also check just how your website is performing in comparison to some of your local competitors.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.