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Website Maintenance - Big Red SEO Services and More

One of the most important aspects when it comes to running a business is having a solid online presence. Not only does this mean that your website needs to be up and running at all times, but you also need to update your content regularly. With so many things going on in our daily lives, it can be easy for small businesses owners to forget about their websites and miss out on potential new customers.

But it’s not just content that needs to be updated from time to time, software needs it too!  One of the biggest areas of data breaches, website hacks, or website exploits happens due to software that is not updated on a regular basis.

Popular online platforms like WordPress are great for building an ideal business website at any budget. However, since so many businesses use these platforms, they are prime targets for hackers (Hackers love outdated software). While platform providers do a great job of staying one step ahead, the only way to reap those security benefits is to promptly install all core and plugin updates.

Website Maintenance & Updates (Software, Text and Images)

There are few things more frustrating for a website user than broken images or pictures that were taken in 1990 and now used on the website.  We’re not saying that older websites don’t have their place, but definitely, a newer website brings a different kind of client.

Our team can maintain your website with fresh new content monthly, or every few months. While we teach each of our clients how to use their website, many clients just don’t have the time to maintain it and would rather let our team make the updates.

Here are some of the items that we perform for clients when they need it;

  • Update content on the website – we have content writers that can update blogs, page content or sales copy as needed
  • Upload new images – clients send us the images they want for the website and then our team optimize the image and upload it online
  • Redesign sections – maybe you need a Job Application online – our team can update a section for you

Maintain Software Updates

Software Updates should be considered a mandatory task for all websites, but many people forget about it. Not only do we perform the necessary software updates but we generate a backup of your website so that should something happen, we have a restoration point to go back to. Many services who make updates to a website never bother to make a backup as the update “should just work” and then they’re left spending hours fixing the problem (and charging you for their screw up).

Even if you never hire Big Red SEO to make a software update for you, we implore you to make a backup on a regular basis. You just never know when your web hosting company will have a problem (or go out of business) and leave you with no website at all!

Check out some of our favorite web hosting companies, each of which performs regular backups and software updates.

Hacker and Virus Issues

The dreaded hacker! With all the popular software on the internet, it’s very easy for a hacker to execute a single program and infect hundreds or even thousands of websites in seconds. Since Conor ran a web hosting company for 17 years, he’s seen his share of hacked websites or server hacks that affected client websites. When a website is hacked, most times, your web hosting company will be of no help to you. They may tell you to restore a backup, but if you don’t have one, they just leave your site offline.

Big Red SEO has performed hacking and defaced site mitigation for dozens of clients. While it’s always best to restart a backup and then patch the problem areas, sometimes that’s not possible. At those times, you need someone who is familiar with website software or PHP who can find the intrusion and get your website back online as soon as possible.

Our Website Maintenance Service Takes Care of Security and More

Since business owners and employees should be using their valuable time to move a business forward instead of worrying about staying on top of updates, we can take this task off your hands and ensure updates are always handled in a timely manner.

For a small monthly investment, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that your business website is secure and everything will keep moving in the right direction without the threat of a major online security breach!

Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself!

You Invest a lot in your business, but you might not put as much attention on updating your website. That’s why we’re here! We have been building and maintaining websites since the min-’90s, and we’d be happy to add your site into the list!

Fill out the contact form, or call us at (402) 522-6468 and see how it feels to speak with someone who can help!