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What Goes Into a Successful Business Website Design?

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    If you need a website for your Omaha business, it’s important to understand that doing this project right requires a lot of work. Although that may sound intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. As long as you choose the right Omaha web design company to work with, you can get the results you want without feeling stressed throughout the process.

    At Big Red SEO, we specialize in creating websites for local businesses in Omaha and the rest of the US. Thanks to our experience and understanding of what local businesses need, we’re able to create websites that drive real results for businesses. Since we’ve done quite a few websites, we have an optimized process for how to go from an initial idea all the way through testing and delivery.

    Since clear communication is a key to our success to designing websites, we want to use this post to go over the six main steps in our web design process:

    1. Gathering Information

    When we start a web design project with an Omaha business, our first step is to learn as much as possible about the business. Not only do we want to fully understand the business and what its primary goals are, but we also want to understand the ideal customer profiles for the business. While this is a step that freelance designers may skip, it’s something we view as absolutely crucial.

    The reason it’s such an important first step is because your website should be designed in a way that allows it to help your business accomplish specific goals. So by starting the process with information gathering, we’re able to learn a lot of useful information that will guide future decisions during the rest of the design process.

    2. Planning

    In a previous post on Omaha web design, we discussed why it’s such a big mistake for web design projects to gloss over planning. With even a basic business website, there are a lot of different elements that need to be brought together to make the website great. As a result, getting as organized as possible from the start of the process will have a very big impact.

    Not only is planning important for keeping the project organized and on track, but it ensures that no key elements are overlooked. Making planning a priority also means that components like SEO are baked into the design process from the very start.

    3. Design

    When people think of web design, they may initially think of a process that’s simply focused on making educated guesses about what’s going to look good. While a site definitely needs to look good, as you can see from the previous two steps, it needs to support some other key objectives as well.

    Because great design serves a purpose, what we do during this step will be guided by what’s going to be best at helping your business accomplish its goals. For most Omaha businesses, that means a web design which helps establish trust and branding from the moment someone sees it. Creating the most effective design also means including all of the elements that are necessary to take someone all the way from being a first-time visitor to actually converting into a lead or customer.

    4. Development

    During the actual design phase of our process, we’ll communicate with you and deliver a design proposal. Getting your feedback on all the elements of how the site is going to look is an additional key of our success so many conversations may take place during the development process. Once we’ve worked together to create the perfect design for your new business website, we will begin the process of developing it.

    In addition to being what turns your design into a real website that it accessible online, our development process focuses on a handful of key objectives. One of those goals is ensuring that when someone visits your site, it loads as quickly as possible. This is very important for preventing visitors from leaving, as well as maximizing rankings in Google.

    Another key focus of our development process is ensuring that your site will look great on a screen of any size. Because we utilize a strategy known as responsive design, the sites we build automatically adapt to screen sizes ranging anywhere from 3” phones to over 20” desktop monitors.

    5. Testing

    By following best practices during the development phase, we’re able to create sites that look great and are highly functional. However, as with any type of technology, there are always going to be a few bugs that manage to survive throughout development.

    Since we want to ensure that the functionality of the Omaha business websites we build is flawless when they go live, testing is an important part of our design process. By taking the time to test the site on different systems and screens, we’re able to identify and fix any issues prior to the site going live.

    6. Delivery and Maintenance

    When you choose to work with us, the last step in our design process is to get your final approval and then take care of everything required to get the site online. Once the site is live on the Internet, we can assist with promoting it. We can also take care of any changes you may want to make in the future, regularly adding new content per your request and on-board you for SEO services.

    Get a Successful Business Website Design By Working with Big Red SEO: (402) 522-6468

    We believe that a big part of why Big Red SEO has been able to work with so many Omaha businesses is because we take a lot of pride in what we do. By never cutting corners and always delivering the most value possible, we’re able to deliver the level of web design that business owners like you deserve.

    If you would like to speak with us in more detail about how we can design a great website for your Omaha business, the number to call us at is (402) 522-6468.

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