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What is a Niche Keyword and How Does it Help SEO?

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    SEO_Big Red SEOThe selection of keywords is one of the most valuable and important steps of any successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. Several companies become clients with us at Big Red SEO described the selection of keywords as being an overwhelming task. As mentioned in “KEI, Another Acronym Within SEO” the challenge with the keyword selection process is that it can be hard to know which keywords to use or how to start the selection process if you have not done your research. As a Omaha SEO Company, we can tell you that what you think people are searching for may not even be close to what they are actually typing into a search engine like Google.

    At times, the person performing the search may not know what the name of your product is while they are doing a search. As an SEO expert, I suggest thinking like the customer when selecting keywords. Think in terms of how they would search for your company or service. Next, run a competitive analysis or have an SEO company find out what your competition is ranking for to determine if you should also rank for those words. Run a KEI report to ensure you will get the value you want out of the keywords being used.

    Why Target Niche Keywords?

    When you find yourself in a competitive market, we suggest you target niche keywords. A niche word is a descriptive word for a product or service in a specific industry and theme. By using niche keywords, you can compete directly with the competitors by going after a much more specific client or audience. We will use our company as an example. As an Omaha SEO Company, we sell SEO services in the Omaha, Nebraska area. Our niche words would be “small business SEO services”, “Internet marketing for chiropractors”, or “search engine optimization link building”. We are breaking up a competitive term, “SEO services” that could be used by all SEO firms, and targeting it more towards the specific clients or services we want to attract. As the top SEO company in Nebraska, we take it one step further and target a specific state or town. The niche word offers you an alternative keyword that your customers might be searching for. Here are a few more examples.

    For someone who sells candles, niche words could be: “Lavendar all natural candles”, “beeswax vanilla candles”, or “flameless rose candles”. For someone who creates blankets, niche words could be: “homemade baby blankets”, “self-made thermal blankets”, or “cashmere baby blankets”.

    The Sky is the Limit

    The science to using niche keywords is that you take your product or service and break it down further by focusing on specific audiences you are targeting or specific products you are looking to sell. There is no limit to how many keywords or niche keywords can be used within SEO. Your budget and time is the limit. Be sure to make your time worthwhile and create the biggest impact. As a top SEO Company in Omaha, we have helped hundreds of companies save time and receive return of investment quickly with our SEO techniques.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    Big Red SEO can help companies just getting introduced to the SEO world, or more advanced companies that are competing with top ranking businesses. Contact us if you need help selecting niche keywords or would like a KEI report done on your website.  We would be happy to get you the top search engine rankings your company deserves!

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