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Omaha SEO Company Thinks Blog Needs to be Written to Your Audience, Not Your Boss

As we all know, customers are the most important asset for a company or business. It is common sense that a company’s success (or failure) rests largely on the shoulders of the employees a company empowers to interact with their local or national clients. And, even if you have little to no experience working in a corporate environment, we all know that poor customer support results in higher churn rates. Ideally, engaging and earning the trust of existing clientele promotes growth and returning growth the month after month. This is where a company or corporate blogs come into play as they address a mix of existing clients and prospects with relevant, value-added content that they believe their audience would enjoy and read. The biggest challenge is that most of the writers behind the said blog write to content with the goal of getting the approval of their boss versus focusing on the audience.

Why Blogging is a Branding Strategy (Which is a Sales Strategy)

A lot of corporate blogs come across as calls-to-action; to purchase some product or service. They’re essentially sales pitches meant to appease C-level management. These types of blogs brand companies are hard selling, and while people are buying online in record numbers, most don’t want to be sold to. Another set of blogs are those that overwhelm their readers with industry jargon. They come across as highly factual, but in reality, are written hopelessly over the heads of their readership. Corporate blogs are an excellent branding resource, which is in and of itself, a sales strategy. Bloggers can shape the personality of a company, maximizing its engagement with both existing and prospective clients.

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Blogs are Immensely More Popular?

Or why they seem to have garnered the favor of an industry out of nowhere, or why their readers clamor to read their next article? There’s no great secret to their marketing strategy. They’ve built an army of Twitter followers and loyal readers by writing superb articles, week in and week out, but writing successful articles can encompass a variety of themes. One theme addresses failure (their own failures) and deals with how to rebound and learn from their mistakes. Everyone loves the underdog, especially when there’s a happy ending. Articles like these are audience magnets. Another theme deals with other’s failures – how they overcame adversity. Everyone makes mistakes – that’s why they put erasers on pencils. Heck, you can be wrong on 10% of your college exams and still carry a straight-A average (and be rewarded handsomely).

Your Audience is Composed of People Just like You

How did your audience find you? Would it be important to know which search queries led prospects to your blog? Or what marketing campaigns? Realizing that your audience is composed of people just like you helps define the SEO strategies and marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to give you the best return on your investment. If you’re passionate about everything you write, your audience will want to share that passion with you.

There are a Ton of Ways to Build an Audience

Compelling content typically draws on emotion, and we all know the vast majority of sales are emotion-based. By being transparent (in other words, just like your audience), you relate that you too are human, with vulnerabilities and defects. How this works to your advantage is that transparency lends itself to credibility – the trust factor in the know, like, and trust. Transparency lowers barriers. Your viewers start to see you as someone not that different from what they are.

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