Why Sign Up for Omaha SEO with Big Red SEO? Let Us Tell You!

Big Red SEO_Big Red SEOAt Big Red SEO, we have been helping build new websites, maintain current or new websites and rank websites for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies. Our team strives to offer a unique Search Engine Optimization service, as we actually teach all about what SEO is. We believe if you are investing in our services, you should know where the money is being spent and how the results happen.

Keeping our website design and SEO clients in the loop helps for them understand the full process including an expectation of when to see optimal results.

The Difference Matters – Big Red SEO vs. Other SEO Companies

Kimberly Treacy, Owner of Big Red SEO states, “What the client thinks they want might not be rank worthy for the company”. In many cases business owners assume which keywords are being used by the website visitors and the results are not even close. It is extremely important to understand what an effective keyword is. Several times, business owners will get frustrated with other SEO companies due to the fact that they are not getting website traffic they were looking to receive. We have noticed that several Search Engine Optimization companies who prefer not to show their clients what exactly they are doing which leads to frustration for the client. At Big Red SEO, we set expectations, let the client know what we are doing and show them where their previous Omaha SEO campaign might have gone wrong. This is one of the many things that makes our SEO Team different.

Our Commitment To You As A Client

At Big Red SEO, we believe you have to know where you are to determine where you want to be. We also love educating people on SEO. One of the free services we offer is a website analysis that provides our prospective clients valuable information to help improve the web page rankings within the search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The detailed analysis includes specific cosmetic and code changes that need to be fixed or improved such prior to any SEO Services being performed. The website analysis is quite in depth by providing a list of broken links, 404 error pages, misspelled words, keyword analysis with keyword density, site popularity, incomplete meta tags and title tags along with html validation and your current website load time.

Kimberly continues, “Every marketing plan needs a stepping stone. The website analysis provides the clients with a few tools to show them what they are doing right, what needs to be fixed and ultimately where they need to improve. The website analysis is not a pass or fail situation that you have to act on now, it is a stepping stone that can be completed within phases depending on how aggressive a company wishes to get with their Omaha SEO campaign”.

Why Traditional Marketing No Longer Works

Having a flawless website design will only get you so far in regards to website traffic. Typically, low search engine rankings are common for new websites as most of them have not been optimized for search engines. Especially the fancy ones. At times, business owners will invest in marketing campaigns like Yellow Pages, coupon books or bulletin boards and forget about internet marketing. A main challenge with several of these marketing venues is that the targeted market client might not see your ads, find the coupons or drive past a bulletin board.  At Big Red SEO, we have a passion for the Internet world, and as millions of people use the web daily, it is becoming the best form of marketing.

Contact Big Red SEO Today (402) 522-6468

Big Red SEO offers a one stop shop to our clients by offering Exclusive SEO services, website design and consulting services. Our goals are to create a professional, affordable, easy to use website that can be updated by the owners themselves.  Big Red SEO encourages our clients to take control of their business including their websites. With all of our website designs and updates our team helps educate business owners by providing basic website function training once a website has been completed. If you would like more information feel free to call us at (402) 522-6468. If you have a busy schedule feel free to fill out our contact form and provide a convenient time for us to call. We are happy to help you with any and all of your SEO and website designs need!

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