Why Big Red SEO Thinks Website User Experience Matters!

website user experience- Big Red SEOIf you’ve had a chance to read our past blogs you know that having a website is never enough. You need to have a website that brings in customers, that is easy to use and clearly conveys the services or products you offer. User experience is one of the first things we look to improve in every Omaha SEO client’s website we review.

Frankly, an unorganized website with duplicate content or out dated information shows online customers that you do not have pride in what your company offers. In many cases, a website is one of the last things created. With over 89% of people performing a web search before buying a product your website creation and management should be the first thing on your list.

Our team at Big Red SEO put together five reasons why website user experience matters to all business; local or national. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team at (402) 522-6468. We’d be happy to help you!

1. Website User Experience Establishes Trust

Unfortunately, the average web user judges a book by its cover. If your website looks boring, it’s not getting read. A website that looks outdated, awkwardly designed or otherwise difficult to navigate doesn’t establish very much trust. Instead, it tells your potential customers that you don’t value their time enough to provide something clean and concise. This is why we provide all our clients with a clean, optimized layout and availability of a custom logo design right off the bat. This makes trust easy to maintain.

2. User Experience Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd

If you maintain a well-organized, focused website, complete with clear call-to-actions and great navigation, your customers will remember you. Why? Because they’ll learn more about you, faster. The best way to stand out is to clearly communicate your biggest benefit as soon as possible. Think of what makes your company unique – your homepage should be dedicated to getting that message across and encouraging further action. Whether through text, images, videos or a combination of all three, make your values and unique selling points clear from the start.

3. User Experience Keeps Them Coming Back For More

We’re always looking to help local and national companies convert more visitors into leads so that our Search Engine Optimization Services offer maximum ROI. And, you guessed it, a great looking website is a prerequisite for repeat visitors. If you want people to come back, give them a place they want to come back to. The word “prerequisite” is used here because you need something extra to get visitors coming back – you need a source of visitors to start with.

Think of your website like a car, and your marketing efforts (e.g. SEO) like gasoline. A clean website design with good user experience is how you turn a 13mpg gas-guzzler into a hyper-efficient Prius. Not that there’s anything wrong with driving a truck, but generally we try to make the most of our dollars in the marketing community.

4. User Experience Makes You Get Shared

At Big Red SEO, we believe one of the reasons you’re interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably because you want more social media attention. It is extremely important to know what social signals mean today in internet marketing. As technology changes, good user experience is essential for getting shared in a positive light. Think about it – when was the last time you recommended an outdated website to a friend, colleague or family member? Probably never. Clean, user-oriented web design is essential for both digital and physical referrals.

5. Good Website User Experience Makes Analytics Easier

Well-organized websites has no broken links, no empty pages, and a more clearly defined sales funnel. This makes it much easier to analyze traffic, engagement and conversions. In other words, by setting you up with good user experience, we make our job easier. For a website visitor there is nothing worse than clicking on a page for information and receiving a 404 error (page not found), no content or this page is under construction.

As you can see, having a website with good user experience is how you set yourself up to win. On top of all of the real benefits that you and your customers will enjoy with good user experience, you’ll also get love from Google. That’s what we, here at Big Red SEO, call a win-win-win. As always, thanks for reading, and if you’d like us to take a look at your website and make a proposal based on user experience, we’re happy to do that for you. Just fill out our Request for Proposal form on this site to get started, or give us a call (402) 208-8196. Either way, we’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

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