WordPress Plug-in Spotlight: Scroll Triggered Box

OnlineTips_BigRedSEOOur web design and SEO team at Big Red SEO is always on the lookout for interesting tools that you can use to enhance your inbound marketing efforts, especially those that may not be getting the attention they deserve. In this post we’ll focus in on one simple WordPress plug-in that can help you target interested visitors and build your email lists, the Scroll Triggered Box.

A Simple but Powerful Concept

Scroll Triggered Box is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to display an opt-in form as the visitor scrolls down your blog. As the reader scrolls down, reaching a certain point on the page, the form slides up smoothly from the bottom of the screen. In practice this allows for an effective yet non-obtrusive call to action, integrating all the functionality of a pop-up window without any of the annoyance factor.

The use of Scroll Triggered Box draws attention to the opt-in form in a way that a normal pop-up window can’t—physiologically, our attention is drawn toward movement, so the animation that this plug-in utilizes is more effective than your usual pop-up window, which simply appears.

The best thing about Scroll Triggered Box is the idea that it targets visitors based on their interest. If someone is scrolling through your page it’s safe to bet that they’re engaged with your content, as in actually reading it, so displaying an opt-in form based on an action trigger for a particularly invested group is a smart idea.

Features of Scroll Triggered Box

For working from such a simple concept, the WordPress plug-in itself is full-featured and customizable on a number of levels:

  • you can control when the scroll box triggers on the page (by percentage of page scrolled or by using a div ID name)
  • you can control where the box appears (on the left, right, or in the middle. This is useful for placing the form where it won’t obscure other important page text)
  • you can control on what pages the box appears
  • you can choose to display the box only to admins, which is useful for testing purposes on a live blog
  • the plug-in includes some pre-designed templates, and the box itself is completely customizable

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Our Omaha web design team at Big Red SEO often comes across simple yet effective tools like WordPress’ Scroll Triggered Box that are easily overlooked. We hope that this post gives you some ideas of how this plug-in can work for your business, and more importantly teaches you to keep an eye out for other valuable tools that you may be missing. Scroll Triggered Box is free to order, so why not give it a try?

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