WordPress Plug-in Spotlight: CubePoints

OnlineTips_BigRedSEOGamification. It’s a funny word that means exactly what you’d think, the process of turning something into a game. If you run a blog for your business and are having a hard time keeping people engaged (i.e. your readership is dwindling and no one is commenting, sharing, tweeting, +1-ing, or any of those other great social –ings that indicate a healthy and vital blog), you might benefit from a little gamification.Here at Big Red SEO, our team of web design and content development specialists are always on the lookout for interesting tools that can boost your inbound marketing efforts, create engagement, and turn website visitors into loyal customers who love your company and recommend it in all their social circles. In this week’s WordPress Plug-in Spotlight we’ve come across a smart tool called CubePoints, which gives your blog an incentivized currency system that can go a long way to encouraging user activity!

Getting Points for Engagement

The idea behind CubePoints is simple—make your blog into a game. The plugin allows you to award points to users of your blog for various kinds of activity, such as logging in, posting a comment, or creating posts. Users can track how many points they have compared to other community members via a leaderboard (great to urge on their competitive spirits!), and cash in their points to receive access to special content (this can be whatever you want, just make sure it’s something your visitors would want and consider valuable).

Why CubePoints is a Good Idea

Keep in mind that CubePoints is a tool to be used on a blog where users have to register as members (as it’s nigh impossible to track points with anonymous readers).

If you’re running a blog where community involvement is important, such as a question and answer forum, CubePoints can help give users an additional incentive to contribute.

CubePoints can even help on paid membership blogs. If you tie your users’ points to something valuable, they’ll be less likely to cancel their memberships down the line (cancelled membership = loss of points). If your users consider their points valuable, they’ll more than likely do what they can to accrue, keep and use them, contributing to your blog and making it an effective SEO tool.

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