WordPress Plug-in Spotlight: Scarcity Samurai

Beginners_BigRedSEOUrgency sells, plain and simple. People hate to think that they’re missing out on a good deal, and this tendency often causes them to buy something they wouldn’t have without a bit of spurring. It’s a common phenomenon in brick-and-mortar stores: mark something 50% off “For a Limited Time!” and pretty soon your shelves will be empty.In Big Red SEO’s WordPress Plug-in Spotlight this week, our web design and SEO specialists in Omaha want to show you a dandy tool for creating scarcity in your online marketing strategy. It’s called Scarcity Samurai, and it demonstrates a key principle of urgency very well—it’s one thing to tell your customers that there’s a deadline coming up, but showing them how much time they have left to save prompts action even better!

Top Features of the Samurai

One of our favorite features of Scarcity Samurai is the ability to set an auto-expiration for any sale you set up. This helps for those of us who are too busy to track a sale down to the last minute and disable it manually when time runs out. Auto-expiration takes the guesswork out of managing the duration of your sales, and helps you avoid the potential confusion of sloppy sale management (i.e., customers finding the sale still ongoing past its stated expiration).

Scarcity Samurai deals with two main kinds of scarcity, fixed date and evergreen—fixed date sets a concrete deadline after which the offer expires; and evergreen sets a timer going that’s based on the reader’s first visit to the page.

Evergreen scarcity is useful in situations where not everyone is notified of your sale at once. For instance, if you send a limited-time offer out to your email list, not everyone will see it at the same time, so the evergreen option makes more sense. You could set the timer to give customers a 3 day window to take action, after which the deal would expire. The countdown is prominently displayed in a banner on the page which you have to try very hard not to see.

The best thing? Scarcity Samurai is the ideal enforcer of your deadlines, which can be really helpful for the soft-hearted among us, who might be inclined to let stragglers in the door, too, thus defeating the purpose of the whole exercise.

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In short, Scarcity Samurai is a very helpful tool for managing sales and creating that ticking clock scarcity proven to help persuade your customers to make a purchase. Check it out today and see how it works for your business.

At Big Red SEO, our team of web design and SEO experts in Omaha are committed to helping our clients grow their businesses through cutting edge search engine optimization strategies. We help your business get noticed by potential customers where they’re already looking, on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Give us a call today at (402) 522-6468 and we’ll get started sending you to the top of the search engine rankings!

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