World Domination? Our Omaha Content Development Specialists Say Think Content Creation

Omaha Content Development Specialists_Big Red SEOOur Omaha content development specialists here at Big Red SEO are all about the brainstorm—a word you might hear a lot, but probably don’t pause to think about often.

When you hear the word “storm,” what do you think of? Probably thunder and lightning; maybe that’s pretty terrifying. But beyond that, storms are exciting because during a storm, the air feels electric and charged with the possibility that anything could happen.

Part 2: The Same Thing We Do Every Night…Try to Take over the World!

We’ve already discussed how the objective of a brainstorming session is to produce as many new content ideas as possible, but we haven’t addressed how your brainstorming session might go down in reality. As Omaha content development specialists, we believe the key to good content is variation; the more varied the content you produce, the better your visitor stats become.

Remember, the main objective for writing content for your website is not only to provide those seeking answers in your industry a solution, it is also to become the authority of your industry with the search engines helping your SEO rankings. Therefore, the main goal of your brainstorming session should be to extract as many different ideas as possible from the minds of your employees. Read on to find out how.

Establish a Content Creation Objective

When establishing a content creation objective for your Omaha SEO campaign, we recommend that everyone present at your meeting needs to understand one main objective before they arrive (an e-mail the afternoon before the meeting should suffice). And the more specific that objective is, the better. For example, instead of making your SEO campaign goal to simply increase site traffic (of course you want to increase site traffic!), examine a particular demographic you would like to reach out to (this could involve a little research and communication on your part before the meeting).

An Example: How Content Creation and SEO Work Together

If your company manufactures bicycle helmets and you want to advertise the newly-improved design of your models for children ten and under, it may be best to focus on an Omaha SEO campaign and content objective that nabs the attention of parents who are searching for the perfect safety solution for their active children. The more specific the better, especially with search engines, as you will ultimately get indexed into a specific category. If you have good reason to suspect that these customers are mainly mothers ages 30-45, then by all means, tag that on the objective!

Next, confirm your suspicions by running keyword tools for your content plan like Ubersuggest during the session. Remember, you can also use these specific keywords in your actual Omaha SEO Campaign so the time spent in this section is a huge value. During your session employees may call out phrases and you might end up with a wider selection of terms to input. This is a great game plan that we suggest at Big Red SEO as you might find keywords your potential clients are using to search that you yourself never thought of. During this process we do recommend having a strategy. Ensure that you keep an eye out on time as there could be a chance that the direction of this strategy might go a bit off course with ideas, theories, and suggestions.

Lastly, remember to briefly explain what you are attempting to accomplish as many or even all of them have never seen (or heard) what you see when you do web content research. Our Omaha content development specialists recommend preparing them beforehand as this will help them become familiar with the tools you utilize on a regular basis while getting them adjusted to thinking like a potential customer versus an employee. (Remember those reps we were talking about in Part 1?)

Know Your Audience for the Best Omaha SEO Results

Naturally, the next step in your brainstorming process is to come up with concrete audience-centric ideas that you can use for your content. There are many tools you can continue to use to help with this right on the spot, but this is a good old-fashioned brainstorming session where brain is power. You can put in the online legwork after the meeting. Instead of relying completely on data and statistics right then and there, make your employees the center of attention. After all, they know your product or service best, and they probably interact with real live customers on a daily basis. Think about guiding them with questions consistent with the purchase funnel. Remember AIDA:

A: How to attract the attention of the customer.

I: How to raise interest by demonstrating the advantages and benefits of the product.

D: How to convince customers that they desire the product.

A: How to lead customers toward the action of purchase.

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Look out for Part 3 on how to turn your brain matter into concrete results. Until then, we’re always here if you’d like to brainstorm new Omaha SEO Campaigns for your business at Big Red SEO. If you call our office at (402) 522-6468 or contact us on our website, we can help put your site on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing!

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