Yahoo Shutting Down Site Explorer

Yahoo Explore Shutting Down - Big Red SEOAnnounced July 8th, Yahoo plans to shut down the Site Explorer Tool and Community by September 2011.  While this may not have a major effect on general web users, this can have quite an impact in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world.  Yahoo teamed up with Microsoft and now the replacement for the Yahoo Site Explorer will be the Bing Webmaster Center and Tools.

Yahoo to Bing – The Transition

Anyone who has visited the Bing Webmaster Tools area will tell you that it’s features are quite sparse. Unless there’s some major overhaul, the transition from Yahoo to Bing is going to fall flat on it’s face. For our SEO Team, we will miss some of the key features such as the is ability to explore competitors websites. The crawls from SLURP will likely no longer work good. The important factor is the Link Data that is shared through Yahoo’s Site Explorer.

What Changes Are Being Made

Another major area of change is that many of the SEO tools integrate with Yahoo used to gather this information and share it through their own interface will be gone here later this year, too. The ability to rank pages, review results for search trends and/or just search results in general are some additional features that will be missing. Good news, we can still gather the organic results through other places, however it will result in more work for SEO Firms or those looking to perform their own SEO Campaigns. For years, the Site Explorer was (and is at the moment) a useful tool.

Resources Used by the Big Red SEO Team

So, for now we recommend researching SEOMoz and SEOBook for more information to come in addition to trying tools like Market Samurai until they remove the Yahoo portions.  At least Magestic SEO is around to help people with Link Data and SEO! Check out the full announcement from Yahoo. What are your thoughts?  Will this affect your SEO Routine?  If you need any additional guidance feel free to contact the Big Red SEO Team at (402) 208-8196. We are happy to provide a list of recommended reporting tools we use in addition to a full website analysis.

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